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Not Surprised! Fans Gather for Taylor Swift at NJ Restaurant

By Orgesta Tolaj


30 August 2023

taylor swift fans gather at new jersey restaurant

© taylorswift / Instagram & alylouwho / TikTok

You have guessed it! Taylor Swift makes it to the news again, but this time, it is technically not about her. We are talking about the fans who gathered for Taylor Swift outside a New Jersey Restaurant to get a glimpse of the star.

However, this time, Taylor Swift was not just having a quick brunch or dinner. She was actually attending… a friend’s wedding. So, why did her fans show up there?

A Little Context

Taylor Swift was attending a friend’s wedding at a Restaurant. The couple Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley tied the knot in a star-studded New Jersey wedding. The wedding was attended by A-listers such as Zoë Kravitz, Channing Tatum, and even Lana del Rey. However, the festivities turned into a weekend-long celebration. Thousands of fans gathered outside for a glimpse of Swift after hearing she was in New Jersey.

So, What Is the Problem Here?

Swifties were quick to criticize the “fans” who showed up at the restaurant. They were mainly concerned with the fact that Swift was given no privacy and had no opportunities to enjoy a private moment amongst friends.

Not only that, but fans were also worried about the other people who attended. They were claiming the people who showed up ruined a special night between two lovers.

© alylouwho / TikTok

Swifties also shared Taylor Swift’s 2013 diary entry, which was included in her “Lover” album in 2019. In the entry, Swift expressed how being famous made her feel like a “tiger in a wildlife enclosure“. She has also mentioned how she still felt anxious when crowds of people gathered outside her house with cameras and phones.

She described this experience as feeling hunted, and despite her fame and success, she believed she would always be the “rabbit” outnumbered by the hunters. Swift maintained her composure as she left the rehearsal dinner. She quickly acknowledged her fans with a polite wave as she entered a black SUV amid loud screams of excitement.

This situation definitely raises the question of whether fans take it too far at times, and whether celebrities also deserve their private moments. While some argue that celebrities choose to be public faces and have their lives on blast, others argue that even they are human and deserve to have their sacred moments. What do you believe? Let us know down below!

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