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George Washington Hair for Sale: Is $45k Worth It?

By Orgesta Tolaj


12 October 2023

george washington hair for sale

© Library of Congress / Unsplash

If you aren’t satisfied with how things have been going so far in 2023, here is another crazy thing to add to your list. Yes, you read that title right. There is an auction showing George Washington’s hair for sale, and it is not what you might expect! The first president of the United States was known for having his hair preserved for hundreds of years. However, the lock of hair is ready to have a new owner. Here is the latest news surrounding the George Washington hair for sale, and what went down during the auction.

Brief History of George Washington and His Hair

George Washington’s hair lock, preserved in an oval shape and enclosed within a glass case adorned with pearls, is an intriguing historical artifact. The case also bears an engraving of Washington’s initials, ‘GW,’ on its back. This unique keepsake has a fascinating backstory, as it was originally presented to the Derby family, who shared a close relationship with both George Washington and his wife, Martha.

Over the years, the lock of Washington’s hair has been passed down through several generations within the Derby family. It was a cherished heirloom, going from father to son, maintaining a strong connection to the nation’s first president. Now, this extraordinary piece of history is making its way into the public domain as it is being offered for sale through Moments In Time, allowing collectors and history enthusiasts the opportunity to own a tangible piece of the past. This artifact not only serves as a symbol of the personal connections Washington had with individuals during his lifetime but also as a unique and tangible link to the founding of the United States.

What You Need to Know About the “George Washington Hair for Sale” News

A lock of George Washington’s hair recently fetched a substantial sum of nearly $40,000 at auction. This remarkable sale followed an intense bidding war, with 45 bids in total and a starting price of $1,000. The lock of hair, which is believed to have been taken from the first president of the United States either close to or after his death in 1799, was presented in a meticulously crafted brass and glass locket, measuring approximately 1.75×2.5 inches.

The listing by Leland’s, the auction house responsible for the sale, described the item as follows: “These multiple strands of George Washington’s hair have been thoughtfully stored in this handmade brass and glass locket for many years. Accompanied by a handwritten letter dating back to June 28th, 1836, which reads, ‘General Washington’s hair – cut from his head in the year 1799 by Mr. John Pierie of Philadelphia, from whom I received it, Fr. Hopkinson, Philada.'”

The auction garnered significant attention, with the listing viewed a remarkable 4,180 times. Ultimately, the winning bid was announced on a Friday, solidifying the sale of this unique historical artifact at nearly $40,000, making it a prized possession for its new owner and a testament to the enduring fascination with George Washington’s legacy and the early history of the United States.

Would you have placed a bit on the “George Washington Hair for Sale” listing? What would have been your highest bid?

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