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Ghanaian Teacher Uses Blackboard for Teaching Software

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 November 2023

Ghanaian teacher uses blackboard

© Owura Kwadwo Hottish / Facebook

What is holding you back from becoming a teacher? Is it not enough experience? Maybe, the place you live in does not offer the right tools and gadgets for a classroom. Well, if it is the latter, I have got some news for you. That is definitely not a valid excuse anymore. This Ghanaian teacher uses a blackboard to teach software. Yes, you read that right! Actual software that runs on a PC, and can only be taught with a PC. But, how does Richard Appiah Akoto do it?

How This Ghanaian Teacher Uses Blackboard to Teach Software

Richard Appiah Akoto, a dedicated Ghanaian teacher, found himself in a challenging situation where his students were required to excel in a national exam. The exam includes questions on information and communication technology (ICT). Complicating matters, the school has been without computers since 2011. Undeterred, Akoto devises a clever solution by using multicolored chalk to meticulously draw computer features and software on the blackboard.

Richard Appiah Akoto, the Ghanaian teacher who uses blackboard to teach software
© Microsoft Africa

His resourcefulness and commitment highlight the limitations of the school’s resources while showcasing his determination to provide his students with the education they deserve, even in the absence of essential tools. When asked by CNN about his method of teaching, Akoto replied: “I wanted them to know or see how the window will appear if they were to be behind a computer. Always wanted them to have interest in the subject so I always do my possible best for them.”

The Viral Post of the Ghanaian Teacher Using Blackboard

Images of Richard Appiah Akoto, known on social media as “Owura Kwadwo Hottish,” went viral as he drew a diagram of Microsoft Word on the blackboard for his students at Betenase M/A Junior High School in Sekyedomase, Ghana. Akoto shared these pictures on Facebook, where he commented on the humorous challenges of teaching ICT in Ghanaian schools. The post garnered attention, shedding light on the resource constraints faced by educators like Akoto and their creative efforts to provide quality education despite lacking essential tools.

Richard Appiah Akoto, the Ghanaian teacher who uses blackboard to teach software
© Owura Kwadwo Hottish / Facebook

How This One Post Helped

Rebecca Enonchong, an entrepreneur, played a key role in popularizing Richard Appiah Akoto’s viral post. She took to Twitter, urging Microsoft Africa to provide Akoto with proper devices, suggesting that he deserves better resources than the chalkboard for teaching ICT. Enonchong’s call for support highlighted the collective sentiment among those who shared the post, emphasizing the need for adequate tools and resources for educators like Akoto.

Richard Appiah Akoto, the Ghanaian teacher who uses blackboard to teach software
© africatechie / Twitter

And Microsoft even replied!

Richard Appiah Akoto, the Ghanaian teacher who uses blackboard to teach software
© MicrosoftAfrica / Twitter

His Students Are Very Thankful

Richard Appiah Akoto shared that his 100-plus students were pleased with his chalkboard drawings, finding them helpful in simplifying explanations, particularly for launching Microsoft Word. Akoto revealed that he regularly illustrates various IT concepts, such as monitors, system units, keyboards, and more, when necessary. This creative teaching approach has been a consistent practice for him. However, despite his efforts, it was noted that only one of Akoto’s students achieved an A in the written exam, which is a prerequisite for 14- and 15-year-olds in Ghana to progress to high school.

What do you think of Richard Appiah Akoto’s story?

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