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How to Wrap a Present Like a Professional

By Orgesta Tolaj


22 December 2023

How to Wrap a Present

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If you are like the rest of us, you have probably struggled with wrapping a gift here or there. Well, you don’t have to anymore! Say goodbye to poorly wrapped gifts this year. We present to you a full guide on how to wrap a present so that even your friends and family will be shocked at your skills. After you go through our guide, we assure you that you will become a pro at wrapping gifts for the holidays this year!

How to Wrap a Present 101

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to wrap a present:

1. Gather Your Tools

Prepare to wrap a present by gathering the necessary materials. This includes wrapping paper, scissors, and tape. Find a spacious and flat surface, like a kitchen table, to have an organized space. Having all items readily available will make the task easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, consider creating a festive atmosphere by getting ribbons, bows, and decorative tags as well. This way, you can enhance the overall presentation of the gift. Taking these steps will make the wrapping process smoother and add a personal touch to the final result.

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2. Choose Your Wrapping Paper

When choosing your wrapping paper, think about what the person you’re giving the gift to likes. Whether it’s their favorite color or a funky pattern, pick something that suits their style. Quality matters, so go for a sturdy paper that won’t tear easily. Don’t forget to check if it’s the right amount as well!

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3. Cut the Wrapping Paper

When wrapping a gift, start by unrolling the wrapping paper and placing the box upside down in the center. Ensure that the seams of the paper will end up at the bottom of the package. Bring the paper up and over the top of the box to the opposite edge. Estimate the additional paper needed to cover the remaining side, then make a straight cut. Aim for long, even cuts to achieve a neat appearance. If the edge is jagged, fold it under for a smoother seam. This method helps create a well-wrapped and visually appealing gift.

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4. Position the Gift

When wrapping a gift, stand on the same side of the table as the paper roll. Pull the wrapping paper tightly up and over the far end of the box, securing it with double-sided tape. Use your thumb and forefinger to crease the paper along the edge of the box.

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Next, unroll the paper and bring it to meet the already-wrapped end. Cut the paper from the roll, leaving an inch of overhang. Fold this inch under and crease along the fold to create a clean edge. Secure the fold with double-sided tape.

5. Fold the Wrapping Paper Around the Gift

Begin wrapping by folding down the top flap of the paper onto the side of the box, forming two small wings. Flatten these wings against the box, and then fold the remaining triangular section of paper up against the box. Secure the folded sections in place by using tape. This method completes the wrapping process for one gift end, resulting in a tidy and securely wrapped package.

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6. Don’t Forget the Other Side!

Place your gift box on its end, with the side you recently wrapped facing down, and repeat the wrapping process described in step 6 on the opposite end. This step ensures that both ends of the box are neatly wrapped, creating a finished and polished look for your gift.

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7. Personalize the Gift With More Decorations

Enhance your gift presentation by adding ribbons, gift tags, or decorative bows. For an extra touch, consider learning how to make curling ribbon bows. By incorporating these elements, you’ll achieve a beautifully wrapped present that is not only well-packaged but also visually appealing.

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Ready to get started? Let us know how your gift-wrapping experience went in the comments below!

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