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Hunter Schafer Opens Up About Relationship With Rosalía

By Orgesta Tolaj


4 April 2024

Hunter Schafer Rosalía Relationship

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Celebrities often keep their personal lives private, but every now and then, they surprise fans with unexpected revelations. Hunter Schafer, known for her role in the hit TV show “Euphoria,” recently shared a piece of her past that has caught the attention of many. She opened up about her previous relationship with singer Rosalía, shedding light on a side of her life that fans may not have known about.

The Beginning of Hunter Schafer & Rosalía’s Relationship

Rumors of a romance between Rosalía and Hunter Schafer, circulating since 2019, were finally addressed as the pair reunited in Los Angeles. Speculation about their relationship intensified, especially after Rosalía’s split from Rauw Alejandro, sparking curiosity about their renewed connection.

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In her recent interview with GQ, the actress disclosed that she and Rosalía had been in a romantic relationship for five months, emphasizing that they now remain friends. The confirmation came after Hunter was photographed furniture shopping in LA, prompting inquiries about Rosalía, which the publication validated as genuine.

Even Schafer Was Confused About Their Relationship Status

GQ disclosed that Hunter Schafer discussed the matter with Rosalía before confirming that they had dated for approximately five months in late 2019. Schafer admitted it took her a few encounters to discern the nature of their relationship and realize they were indeed going on dates.

Hunter Schafer Rosalía Relationship
© hunterschafer & rosalia.vt / Instagram

Despite their past romantic involvement, Hunter Schafer and Rosalía remain close friends, maintaining frequent communication. GQ highlighted their current friendship, noting sightings of them together around town, engaging in activities like grabbing smoothies and trying out couches.

How Do Hunter Schafer & Rosalía Feel About Their Relationship?

In her interview with the publication, Hunter Schafer expressed appreciation for maintaining meaningful friendships with past romantic partners, including Rosalía. Describing the singer as “family no matter what,” Schafer emphasized their strong bond and mutual understanding. She indicated that both parties value their relationship.

Hunter Schafer Rosalía Relationship
© hunterschafer & rosalia.vt / Instagram

Hunter Schafer expressed mixed feelings about the ongoing speculation regarding her relationship with Rosalía. While part of her wants to address it and move on, another part feels it’s no one else’s business.

Fans Were Also Excited to Find Out More

Fans of Hunter Schafer and Rosalía expressed excitement when they noticed the connection between the two stars. They were speculating that Rosalía’s song “Tuya” might be about Hunter. Rosalía described the song as inspired by traditional music with various layers. She even acknowledged the interpretation and enjoyment fans found in it.

What do you think of Hunter Schafer & Rosalía’s relationship? Do you think the two went well together?

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