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Husband Forgets Wife During a Road Trip and Drove Without Her

By Orgesta Tolaj


13 November 2023

husband forgets wife during road trip

© Malachi Cowie & Kyle Broad / Unsplash

You know the ongoing trouble that most women say they go through with their husbands? The worry that their husbands might forget them when they are out, at work, or even while they are drunk? Well, this husband from Thailand just made all of those worries come true. But, not in a way you might expect it. While on a trip, this husband forgets his wife during a road trip on a bathroom break. And get this- he continued to drive off without her! How did this happen and what happened after they reunited? Let’s find out together!

How This Husband Forgot His Wife

On Christmas Day in 2022, Boontom Chaimoon, 55, and Amnuay Chaimoon, 49, were on a road trip to Amnuay’s hometown when a bathroom break became an unexpected turning point in their journey. The trip was supposed to be a memorable reconnection with Thailand. And boy oh boy, was it memorable! Despite his wife’s objections, Boontom made an unscheduled stop for a toilet break, pulling over at the side of the road during their drive through the night on Christmas Day.

husband forgets wife during road trip
© Alex Jumper / Unsplash

Feeling the need for a restroom break as well, the wife left the vehicle to attend to it in the nearby forest. However, she did not inform her husband. Then, upon her return, she found the car missing and was stranded alone in the dark. And get this! Her husband seemed unaware of her departure from their Isuzu pickup truck. And she was shocked, to say the least.

What Happened After Amnuay Realized Her Husband Forgot Her?

Amnuay, married for 27 years with a 26-year-old son, found herself stranded without money or her phone. She decided to walk in search of help and after a strenuous 13-mile journey, arrived in the center of Kabin Buri at around 5 am, eventually reaching a police station for assistance.

husband forgets wife during road trip
© Rutger Leistra / Unsplash

Then, Amnuay, after reaching the police station, sought help to locate her husband. However, she couldn’t recall his number, and despite attempts by the officers to contact him, her husband, Boontom, remained unaware of the situation as he continued driving. It wasn’t until 8 am that he realized the mistake, having traveled 100 miles away. He then had to turn back to retrieve his wife.

The Aftermath of the Husband Who Forgot His Wife

Around 8 a.m., Boontom noticed Amunay’s absence when he reached Korat province, approximately 100 miles away. He had to turn back to pick her up.

Boontom, embarrassed, confessed he had assumed his wife was sleeping in the back seat during the drive, explaining how he drove the distance without noticing her absence. He sincerely apologized to his wife upon returning. Despite the unforgettable forgetfulness, Amnuay mentioned they did not argue when he came to pick her up.

What would you have done in this situation? Would you be able to forget a family member like this? On the other hand, what steps would you take if you were in Amnuay’s shoes?

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