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Is This Russian Boy Really From Mars?

By Orgesta Tolaj


31 October 2023

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Toddlers definitely have no trouble learning their ABCs and 123s nowadays. The internet is a wide spectrum, and YouTube even has educational videos now to help out. However, a remarkable young boy named Boriska had other plans when he was 2 years old. This Russian boy, was not only amazing at reading and writing at the age of two but also claimed to have an otherworldly past. Now at the age of 20, Boriska’s extraordinary journey to Mars has left us all wondering whether he was saying the truth or not. So, is Boriska really a Russian boy from Mars? Let’s find out together!

Russian Boy from Mars
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Who Is the Russian Boy from Mars?

Boriska Kipriyanovich, born in 1996 and nicknamed “Boriska,” is regarded as a child prodigy. His mother, a doctor, noticed his exceptional abilities when he held his head up unassisted at just two weeks old. By the age of one and a half, Boriska could already read, draw, and paint, leaving his family in awe of his early intellectual development.

Boriska Made an extraordinary assertion that he had previously lived on Mars before his rebirth on Earth. His profound knowledge of outer space left scientists amazed, and he believed his purpose on Earth was to prevent an impending apocalyptic nuclear war. What’s even more intriguing is that his parents attested to his remarkable abilities, stating that he began speaking just months after his birth and delved into subjects they had never taught him, including Mars, alien civilizations, and planetary systems.

Boriska’s account of his past life on Mars painted a vivid picture of a war-ravaged planet that had suffered a nuclear catastrophe in the distant past. According to him, the Martians were nearly seven feet tall, resided underground, and had adapted to breathe carbon dioxide. These revelations have sparked widespread curiosity and debate among scientists and the general public alike.

Russian Boy from Mars
© UFO Insight

What Did the Russian Boy From Mars Claim?

Boriska, now 20 years old, astounded doctors with his ability to read, write, and draw at the tender age of two. His mother noted that his exceptional skills became apparent shortly after his birth, as he could hold his head up without assistance, displaying a higher level of intelligence than the average child.

According to Boriska, Martians are immortal, ceasing to age at 35, and possess advanced technology, including interstellar travel. He claimed that when Martians visit Earth, they need a special carbon dioxide-filled breathing apparatus. During his school years, he argued that there was a connection between ancient Egyptians and Martians, suggesting that unlocking the Great Sphinx monument in Giza would lead to a significant transformation in human life. Boriska also stated that he had visited Earth as a pilot and was reborn in 1996, implying a complex and mysterious narrative about his past.

With the fast-paced technologically advanced world we are currently living in, it would be no surprise to hear this story from other people in the future as well. As of now, do you believe Boriska and his claims that he is a Russian boy from Mars?

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