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Kanye Sued Over Wanting to Shave Students’ Heads and Lock Them in Cages

By The Hyperhive


8 April 2024

Kanye West lawsuit

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Kanye West, now known as Ye, finds himself embroiled in controversy once again as a former employee files a lawsuit. But what is Kanye being accused of this time? What did he allegedly do? Continue reading to find out.

Kanye West Lawsuit in Detail

The lawsuit, filed by former employee Trevor Phillips, accuses Kanye of alleging discrimination, harassment, and a hostile work environment at Donda Academy and Yeezy the rapper’s fashion brand. The lawsuit paints a troubling picture of Ye’s behavior, including antisemitic remarks, threats of physical violence, and inappropriate sexual behavior. This latest legal action adds to a series of lawsuits and complaints against Ye and his schools. It is raising concerns about the treatment of employees and students alike.

Kanye West lawsuit
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The former employee accuses Ye of making antisemitic comments, praising Adolf Hitler, and expressing hostility towards LGBTQ individuals. Phillips claims that he heard Ye say “Yeah I’m going for the gays! FIRST the Jews, THEN the gays!’” According to him, the artist created a toxic work environment where discrimination and harassment were rampant.

Allegations include:

Antisemitic Remarks: Ye reportedly made derogatory comments about Jewish people. He allegedly claimed that they were “out to get him” and “stealing all his money.” Moreover, he expressed admiration for Hitler and questioned the authenticity of the Holocaust. He even compared himself to Hitler, saying he wanted to shave students’ heads and lock them in cages.

Kanye West lawsuit
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Hostile Work Environment: Phillips describes a culture of fear and intimidation at Donda Academy and Yeezy. According to him, employees were subjected to verbal abuse and threats of physical violence. Ye is accused of treating Black employees worse than their white counterparts. He was making discriminatory remarks about race and body image.

Inappropriate Behavior: The lawsuit details instances of sexual harassment and misconduct. The details include Ye’s alleged pretense of masturbation in front of Phillips. Furthermore, Kanye allegedly had discussions of intimate details of his sex life.

Kanye West lawsuit
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Threats and Retaliation: Phillips claims that when he pushed back against Ye’s behavior, he faced retaliation. Ye is accused of threatening Phillips with physical violence and creating a hostile environment that forced Phillips to resign. He ultimately lost his job.

Lawsuit Saga

The lawsuit adds to a series of legal challenges faced by Ye and his schools, including allegations of health and safety violations, wrongful termination, and racial discrimination. Despite these controversies, Ye’s music continues to enjoy commercial success, with his recent album “Vultures 1” topping the charts.

The lawsuit against Kanye West sheds light on troubling allegations of discrimination and harassment at Donda Academy and Yeezy. It raises important questions about workplace culture and the treatment of employees in the entertainment and fashion industries. As the legal proceedings unfold, the case serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing issues of discrimination. It also emphasizes the necessity of creating inclusive environments for all individuals.

Do you think Kanye did all this, from all that you know about him?

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