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Did Kanye West Have an Affair With Riccardo Tisci?

By Medina Syla


2 May 2024

Kanye West Riccardo Tusci

Back in 2014, before his marriage to Kim Kardashian, whispers of an alleged affair with designer Riccardo Tisci And Kanye West began to circulate.

Tisci, a figure in the fashion world and a close friend of Kanye’s was reportedly involved romantically with the rap icon.

Kanye West Riccardo Tusci
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Is Riccardo Tisci The Reason Kanye West Got Into Fashion?

Despite facing skepticism and criticism from the fashion establishment, Kanye persevered, launching his own fashion label, Yeezy, and collaborating with some of the most respected names in the industry.

One such collaborator was Riccardo Tisci, the renowned Italian fashion designer known for his bold and boundary-pushing creations. As the creative director of Givenchy, Tisci brought a fresh perspective to fashion blending streetwear influences with traditional luxury aesthetics.

His partnership with Kanye had memorable moments, including their collaboration on the cover art for Jay-Z and Kanye’s album “Watch the Throne,” which showcased Tisci’s distinctive style.

Kanye West Riccardo Tusci
©️ Riccardo Tisci / Instagram

Beyond their professional collaborations, Kanye and Tisci forged a deep personal bond, one that would become of rumors.

Despite both men being publicly linked to other romantic partners, whispers of a romantic relationship between them continued, fueled by their close friendship and shared creative sensibilities.

Although neither party confirmed these rumors at the time, the speculation intensified when Tisci vaguely mentioned an affair with a “known” man, leaving tongues wagging.

What Raised the Rumors of a Potential Romance?

Fast forward to the present, and the dynamics between Kanye, Kim, and Riccardo seem as intriguing as ever. Kanye’s decision to spend most of Kim’s pregnancy in Paris, away from his wife and forgetting his fatherhood responsibilities, raised eyebrows and sparked rumors about the true nature of his relationship with Tisci.

While Kim spent her pregnancy alone, Kanye took himself in the vibrant atmosphere of Paris, seemingly content to be in the company of his friend.

Kanye West Riccardo Tisci
©️ Vecteezy

Speculation about Kanye’s sexuality and his bond with Tisci reached suggesting that their relationship went beyond friendship.

Their Recent Status Has Changed for Kim and Riccardo too

Throughout it all, Kanye remained an enigmatic figure, often prioritizing his own desires and ambitions above all else. While some may criticize his choices, others admire his unapologetic approach to life and his refusal to be influenced by others.

As for Kim Kardashian, she found herself caught in the crossfire of rumors and speculation surrounding her husband’s alleged affair and his close relationship with Tisci.

Concerns about the impact on her career and public image on their marriage, leaving her feeling vulnerable.

Kanye West’s career trajectory has been as eclectic and controversial as his personal life. Rising to fame as a groundbreaking rapper and producer, he quickly established himself as a visionary in the music industry.

Kanye West Riccardo Tisci
©️ Vecteezy

His albums, “The College Dropout,” “Late Registration,” and “Graduation,” not only topped the charts but also redefined hip-hop with innovative sound and provoking lyrics.

In hindsight, Kanye’s journey from the heights of musical success to gossip reflects the struggle of fame and the pressures that come with it.

Whether his relationship with Tisci was purely platonic or something more remains a topic of debate. But one thing is clear: Kanye West continues to leave an indelible mark on popular culture in the process.

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