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Kim Kardashian Booed at Tom Brady Roast!

By Medina Syla


8 May 2024

Kim Kardashian booed

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The only person who got booed harder than Tom Brady at his own star-studded roast was Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS founder was met with boos and heckles during the “Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady” special, streamed live on Netflix as part of the “Netflix Is a Joke” comedy festival on May 5, 2024.

Kardashian, 43, pushed through the boos to address her rumored relationship with the former Patriots player. “The Kardashians” star quipped, “I wasn’t going to come tonight, but since I’m not here as Tom’s date, there’s still a good chance I might.

Kim Kardashian booed
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What Was Kim Kardashian’s Final Message to Tom Brady?

Kim Kardashian booed and fueled speculation with another joke about their rumored romance, saying, “Speaking of Tom and I dating, I’d never say if we did or not, I’d just release the tape,” referencing her infamous 2007 sex tape with Ray J.

While she managed to earn a few laughs, the crowd remained unforgiving, with boos and drowning out parts of her monologue. Despite the hostility, Kardashian continued her roast, making a playful jab at Brady saying their relationship wouldn’t work out because “an ex-athlete, high cheekbones, silky hair—you remind me too much of Caitlyn Jenner now.”

Kardashian wrapped up her appearance with a quip alluding to her father, Robert Kardashian Sr., and his defense of O.J. Simpson during his murder trial. “Honestly, it’s hard for me to watch people roast you,” Kardashian said, “but I think enough of my family members have defended former football players.”

Kim Kardashian booed
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“I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight…because her kids are at home with their dad.”

Tom Brady later fired back with his own dig aimed at Kardashian and her ex-husband, Kanye West. “I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight,” Brady said. “Not because of this, but because her kids are at home with their dad.”

While Kim Kardashian booed, she maintained a tight smile as the camera panned to her. She shares four children with West—North, 10, Saint, 8, Chicago, 6, and Psalm, 4. Viewers went to social media to share their reactions, with one user noting, “If looks could kill, Tom would be deceased!”. While another wrote, “Kanye about to drop a Tom Brady diss and make y’all forget about Kendrick [Lamar] and Drake.”

Even though Kim Kardashian got booed, she wasn’t the only one to poke fun at Brady’s dating life. Comedian Nikki Glaser brought up ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan, saying, “Tom, you’re the best to ever play for too long. You retired, then came back, then retired. I get it… It’s hard to walk away from something that isn’t your pregnant girlfriend.”

Tom Brady
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Glaser continued, “To be fair, he didn’t know. He just thought she was getting fat.” Moynahan, 53, and Brady broke up in 2006, a few months before the “I, Robot” actress announced she was pregnant. They now co-parent their son Jack Moynahan, 16.

Meanwhile, Will Ferrell, in character as Ron Burgundy from “Anchorman” said iThe last time this guy went truly deep, he ended up paying child support to Bridget Moynahan.”

How Did Kim Kardashian Handle Tony Hinchcliffe’s Controversial Remarks?

Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe took aim at Kardashian directly, referencing her as “a whale’s vagina” and, “A lot of Black men celebrate in her end zone.”

Despite the relentless roasts, Kardashian was a good sport and earned applause by the end of her monologue. She managed to fire back at Brady with an “I’ll give you the same advice I give all of my exes, good luck knowing the best is behind you.”

How Has Kim Kardashian Navigated Controversy Throughout Her Career?

Kardashian is no stranger to controversy and criticism. Rising to fame in the early 2000s with her family’s reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” She has since built a billion-dollar empire with her SKIMS shapewear line and other ventures. Her personal life, including her high-profile relationships and divorce from Kanye West, has always been in the public eye.

Even though she was the butt of many jokes at the roast, while Kim Kardashian got booed at the festival she maintained her composure and rolled with the punches. This proves once again that she can handle the spotlight, whether Kim Kardashian boo it is friendly or not.

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