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Kim Kardashian Is on Her Way to Solve Kate’s Disappearance Mystery

By Orgesta Tolaj


19 March 2024

Kim Kardashian Instagram

© kimkardashian / Instagram

This is yet another time when celebrities join in on random internet fiascos. And, what can we say? We eat it up every time! Kim Kardashian jokingly expressed curiosity about Kate Middleton’s whereabouts, suggesting she might turn into a private investigator to uncover the truth, in line with the internet’s general interest in the matter. Here is what is currently going on.

Kim Kardashian Hilarious Instagram Post

On Saturday, Kim Kardashian posted a slideshow of throwback photos joking about Kate Middleton’s absence. The caption humorously referenced the controversy, with Kardashian quipping about going to find Kate. The photos appeared to be from 2022 when Kardashian attended her nephew’s Bar Mitzvah, featuring her distinctive honey-blonde hair, leather pants, and cropped T-shirt.

Kim Kardashian Instagram
© kimkardashian / Instagram

Why Did Kim Kardashian Mention Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton underwent planned abdominal surgery in January and has been recuperating at home, with no scheduled return to royal duties until after Easter. Conspiracy theories escalated when a Mother’s Day portrait was removed from several photo agencies due to “manipulation” concerns, followed by scrutiny of a blurry paparazzi shot of the princess the next day.

Kim Kardashian Instagram
© kimkardashian / Instagram

Since January, Kate Middleton’s extended absence from public appearances has sparked online speculation regarding her well-being and relationship with Prince William. Rumors heightened after a photo shared by the couple for Mother’s Day in the U.K. was withdrawn by global news outlets due to concerns about manipulation. Later, she posted a statement on social media, apologizing for the confusion caused by the Mother’s Day photo. She admitted to experimenting with editing, like many amateur photographers, and expressed regret for any confusion stemming from the family picture.

Reactions From Online

Kim Kardashian’s post received mixed reactions. Some found humor in her caption (“Not on my way to find Kate LMFAO“). However, others criticized her for being insensitive. One user accused her of spreading rumors despite allegedly hating them. Another summed up the divided opinions by stating, “The world is divided into two groups. Those who are living for and those who are loathing this caption.”

Kim Kardashian Instagram
© blakelively / Instagram

However, she is not the only celebrity to do so. Kim Kardashian joined other celebrities in poking fun at the royal drama. Recently, Blake Lively trolled Kate Middleton with a heavily edited Betty Buzz campaign, featuring obvious Photoshop fails. Lively humorously remarked on her absence, attributing it to her photo editing endeavors.

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