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Kim Kardashian Copies Kanye’s Wife With Bare Skin and Fur Coat

By Orgesta Tolaj


28 March 2024

kim kardashian copies kanye's wife

© kimkardashian / Instagran

Kim Kardashian is known for making bold fashion statements and pushing the boundaries of style. In a recent Instagram post, she channeled the iconic look of her husband Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori, by stepping out in nothing but a luxurious fur coat and tights. Her fashion choices have always garnered attention, and this daring outfit is no exception. But, what led Kim Kardashian to copy Kanye’s wife?

Kim Kardashian Copies Kanye’s Wife: Who Wore It Better?

Kim Kardashian appears to be drawing fashion inspiration from Bianca Censori, the wife of Kanye West. Recently, Kim shared a photo on Instagram sporting an oversized brown fur coat, black tights, and pointed high heels, reminiscent of Censori’s style. In a similar fashion to Censori, Kim showcased her figure without wearing a shirt or pants.

Kim Kardashian copies Kanye's wife
© kanyewest & kimkardashian / Instagram

Kim Kardashian, aged 43, has also adopted the signature slicked-back hairstyle of the Australian model, as she concealed her appearance behind sunglasses. She also posed with a fur hat resembling the ones we see on Censori. Numerous fans took to the comments section to express their thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s new appearance, with many dubbing her “Kim Censori” in reference to her resemblance to Bianca Censori.

© biancacensorii & kimkardashian / Instagram

Why Was Kim “Copying” Bianca Censori?

The big fur coat look was actually for Fashion Week. Kim Kardashian posed extensively in a hotel room, teasingly dropping her coat off her shoulders in one shot and then bundling up warmly in another. Her revealing cleavage display surprised some fans accustomed to her style. However, what grabbed more attention were the bandages on her fingers, unexplained and unacknowledged in the post. She simply captioned it “Balenciaga couture.”

At the show, Kim Kardashian donned a see-through lacy black gown, seated beside actress Salma Hayek, who wore a classic black jacket-style button-up dress and a large glittering ring. Kim had been a significant supporter of Balenciaga until a scandal involving the brand’s advertisement two years prior.

The Internet’s Reactions

People were flooding the comment sections of Kim’s post analyzing her “outfits” and discussing whether she was copying Bianca. While some saw the resemblance immediately, others came to her defense and claimed that Kim was rocking these looks even before we knew who Bianca Censori was.

Some social media users commented on Kim Kardashian’s resemblance to Bianca Censori, with one user saying she was “acting like Brianca” and another saying “It’s giving Censori.” Another suggested Kim was trying to emulate Kanye by saying, “She is trying to act like Kanye still dressing her…” However, one user defended Kim, asserting, “It’s Kim doing Kim. She has always been true to the game.”

Kim Kardashian copies Kanye's wife
© kimkardashian & kanyewest / Instagram

Do you think Kim Kardashian is copying Kanye’s wife?

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