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Kim Kardashian Has Two Thumbs in New Photoshop Fail

By Orgesta Tolaj


29 December 2023

Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail

© kimkardashian / Instagram

While we are definitely no strangers to witnessing a few Photoshop fails from our favorite celebrities here and there, it is still hilarious to notice them and to wonder how they didn’t before they posted it. This time on the chopping block is Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop fail. While not new, this has to be the funniest fail that we got from the fashion mogul ever.

Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail

Kim Kardashian and her family hosted their annual holiday bash, sharing pictures on Instagram, including ones with Kim and her four children. A photo with Kim and her daughter North sparked discussion about a potential Photoshop issue, with internet users pointing out what appeared to be an extra thumb on Kim’s hand. While some criticized the alleged editing error, others suggested it could be a perspective illusion from hand positioning. Kim has not publicly addressed the claims, and this is not the first time she has faced scrutiny for photo editing.

Kim Kardashian Photoshop Fail
© kimkardashian / Instagram

What Happened?

Kim Kardashian’s Christmas Eve photos featuring a stunning gown sparked discussions about a potential Photoshop mishap, with observant fans noticing what seemed to be two thumbs on one of Kim’s hands while posing with North. Users on a Kardashian Reddit thread expressed confusion and alleged that Kim’s team was actively deleting comments about the thumb on Instagram. Some users found humor in the situation, with one commenting, “Kim and her team are removing the ‘why do you have two thumbs on one hand’ comments in real-time, and I’m here for it. What a KLOWN.”

© lucybubs / Reddit

Users on social media reacted to Kim Kardashian’s post, with one questioning if it was a Photoshop fail and another speculating that it might be a tactic to boost engagement with her content. On the other hand, some users came to Kim’s defense, suggesting that the appearance of two thumbs was due to her using both hands to hold North’s hand or possibly holding someone else’s hand in the photo.

Not Her First Photoshop Fail

Fans noticed an “unnecessary” edit made by Kim Kardashian to a Getty Images photo taken in June at the Louis Vuitton Fashion Show. The details of the specific edit are not provided in the summary. They obtained the original photo and compared it to the one Kim Kardashian shared online, highlighting the changes she made. One comment expressed disbelief, stating, “Imagine spending all that money on surgeries, dieting, and time in the gym, and STILL not being happy with yourself.”

© caroline_in_thecity / TikTok

In August 2022, Kim Kardashian faced accusations of making a peculiar edit by seemingly removing her trapezius muscle from a photo. A TikTok user highlighted this pattern in a video, speculating that Kardashian might do this to create the appearance of a smaller neck.

What do you think? Is this another Kim Kardashian Photoshop fail, or are those really both of her hands?

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