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A Man Was Arrested in Spain for Faking Heart Attacks, But Why?

By Orgesta Tolaj


27 October 2023

Man arrested in Spain

© Policía Nacional & Ali Inay / Unsplash

How far would you go for a free meal? With the inflation through the roof lately, it comes as no surprise that dining in fine restaurants is a definite no-go nowadays. However, one man has decided to take matters into his own hands. Instead of paying for his meals, he found a way around eating at restaurants for free. However, read this news with caution! No matter how effective his method was in the beginning, this man was arrested in Spain for his wrongdoings. So, what did he do?

Man Arrested in Spain for Faking a Heart Attack

In the Costa Blanca region of Spain, a 50-year-old suspect engaged in a peculiar scam involving 20 different restaurants. Each time he dined, he would put on a dramatic show after ordering food and drinks. His act consisted of clutching his chest and pretending to faint on the restaurant floor. According to reports from Oddity Central, one astute restaurant owner eventually caught on to his ruse. This owner not only recognized the pattern but also took photographs of the con artist and sent them to other local restaurants as a warning about the “heart attack act.

Man arrested in Spain for faking heart attacks for free meals in a restaurant
© Jakub Kapusnak / Unsplash

One particular incident occurred just last month at a local restaurant called El Buen Comer in Alicante. The suspect had ordered seafood paella and a few shots of whiskey, accumulating a bill of 34.85 euros ($37). However, when presented with the bill, he attempted to leave without paying. The situation escalated when the waiter informed him that he needed to settle his bill before leaving. The suspect claimed he needed to retrieve the money from his hotel room but was prevented from leaving by the restaurant staff. Frustrated and cornered, he resorted to his familiar heart attack performance.

How the Restaurants Found Out?

He was noticed by the restaurant staff for his dramatic performances after meals, during which he would act as if he had a heart attack and ended up on the floor. Aidas was known for his substantial orders, often enjoying multiple glasses of White Label whiskey and a Russian salad before his dramatic act. His bills ranged from €15 to €70. The manager of one restaurant, El Buen Comer, described his act as “very theatrical.”

The Incident Was Repeated

The man who faked heart attacks to skip restaurant bills in Spain was arrested when police arrived at the scene of one of his incidents. His restaurant scams began in November 2022 and gained notoriety. Although his crimes were relatively minor due to the small bills involved, he spent only one night in jail. However, several restaurant owners plan to file a joint complaint in an effort to secure a sentence of at least two years for him.

In Spain, skipping the restaurant bill is considered theft and can lead to serious consequences, including arrest, fines, or deportation. It is viewed as disrespectful to the restaurant and its staff, and it can tarnish the reputation of other tourists, making it more challenging for them to be welcomed in the country. If diners are dissatisfied with their meal or service, it is advisable to speak with the restaurant manager to address the issue, and if necessary, file a complaint with local authorities.

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