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Man in Turkey Used a Head Cage to Quit Smoking

By Orgesta Tolaj


3 December 2023

Man in Turkey uses Head cage to quit smoking

© Hürriyet / Youtube

People can get pretty creative when they’re trying to kick a habit. Locked jars for snack control, hypnotherapy to quit biting nails, or just deleting all those tempting fast-food apps. We have all been there, right? However, some people have it harder than others to end bad habits. That is why they take extreme measures to stop harming themselves. And this guy shows that. A man in Turkey has decided to quit smoking by wearing a literal cage on his head. Now that’s commitment!

Who Is the Man in Turkey Using a Head Cage to Quit Smoking?

Ibrahim Yücel, a resident of Kütahya, Turkey, found a unique and unconventional way to break free from his two-decade-long smoking habit. Fueled by a desire to quit for the sake of his health and family, Ibrahim took inspiration from motorbike riders who wear helmets. He created his own cage using 130 feet of copper wire, creating a head guard that physically prevented him from putting a cigarette in his mouth.

Man in Turkey uses Head cage to quit smoking
© Hürriyet / Youtube

What sets Ibrahim’s approach apart is his commitment to the cause. Unlike motorbike riders who can easily remove their helmets, Ibrahim went a step further by entrusting the key to the head guard to his family. This decision added an extra layer of accountability, ensuring that he couldn’t simply unlock the contraption and succumb to the temptation.

Why Did He Decide to Wear a Head Cage to Quit Smoking?

The catalyst for this drastic lifestyle change was Ibrahim’s realization that he had been consuming two packs of cigarettes daily since the age of 16. The turning point, however, was the tragic loss of his own father to lung cancer. Faced with the stark reality of the health consequences and spurred by the desire to be there for his family and witness their growth, Ibrahim took this bold and symbolic step towards a smoke-free life.

Man in Turkey uses Head cage to quit smoking

How Does the Man in Turkey Use the Head Cage?

Ibrahim Yücel created a birdcage-like helmet as a novel approach to quitting smoking. Each morning, he entrusted the key to the contraption to his wife and children before heading to work. Despite initial embarrassment, his wife supported him in this unique endeavor, especially considering his previous failed attempts to quit. The helmet’s design allowed Ibrahim to eat crackers and sip water through the wiring, but he had to be unlocked for proper meals. This inventive strategy reflected his strong commitment to breaking the smoking habit.

Man in Turkey uses Head cage to quit smoking
© Hürriyet / Youtube

The Internet Reacts

Ibrahim’s story, along with images of his unique method to quit smoking, recently gained attention on Reddit. Sympathetic to his struggle, one commenter noted, “Extreme problems require extreme actions.” Another expressed disbelief, saying, “I have to rub my eyes and scratch the side of my nose just looking at this.” A third shared their own successful journey of quitting smoking, acknowledging the immense difficulty. Interestingly, someone contemplating a similar approach mentioned, “Maybe they should just carry on…” suggesting the ongoing challenge of breaking the smoking habit and the potential need for unconventional methods.

Have you ever managed to kick a habit? What measures did you take?

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