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Masculine Woman Who Fell in Love With Feminine Man

By Orgesta Tolaj


5 December 2023

masculine woman falls in love with feminine man


Love definitely knows no boundaries! Maren Butler, a self-proclaimed ‘masculine woman,’ has found a deep connection with James Carrington, a ‘feminine man’ who loves to wear cute shorts and crop tops. While it may sound unconventional at first, Butler and Carrington want to show the world that their love is sincere and has been blossoming for a while now.

The Masculine Woman and Feminine Man Relationship

Maren Butler, a 21-year-old self-identified masculine woman, and James Carrington, a 23-year-old self-identified feminine man, have shared details about their unconventional heterosexual relationship of a year and a half. The couple discusses the challenges they face. And this includes dealing with negative comments and stares from strangers who criticize their unique pairing.

masculine woman falls in love with feminine man

James Carrington, hailing from Durham, North Carolina, expresses a love for traditionally ‘girly’ things such as stilettos, lash extensions, acrylic nails, and crop tops. He embraces these interests along with what he describes as his ‘feminine mannerisms.’

Maren Butler, originally from Central Valley, California, embraces a muscular physique, shops in the men’s section, and opts not to wear makeup. Notably, this is the first heterosexual relationship for both Maren and James Carrington. They mentioned that they had previously dated individuals of the same sex.

How Does the Relationship Work?

Maren Butler and James Carrington, a couple challenging traditional gender norms, intentionally eschew stereotypical roles. They preferred to blend responsibilities based on what feels most natural to them. Their dynamic includes actions like Maren opening doors for James, and James confidently holding onto Maren’s arm in public. James, working as an events manager, emphasizes their choice not to conform to societal expectations. He expresses a desire to follow what feels authentic rather than attempting to stand out.

unconventional relationship

Interestingly, James, who identified as gay before meeting Maren, describes their relationship as uniquely special. Despite a previous brief relationship with a man, it didn’t feel right until he connected with Maren.

How Did the Masculine Woman and Feminine Man Meet?

Their bond began on TikTok, where Maren, a Philosophy and Public Health student at Tulane University, Louisiana, was drawn to videos of James discussing his experience as a ‘fem-man.’ Their initial online conversations evolved into a deep connection, with both discovering shared interests, such as a love for R&B music and a similar sense of humor.

masculine woman falls in love with feminine man

Their connection intensified, leading to daily texting and calling. Despite the physical distance, Maren, after just a month of getting to know James, took the initiative to travel 800 miles to meet him in person in March 2021. The couple’s story exemplifies a unique and genuine connection that transcends societal expectations and challenges preconceived notions of gender and relationships.

Are They Still Together?

Yes, the couple is still going on strong. Maren Butler recounts the decision to meet James Carrington in person after connecting online. Despite a challenging 10-hour journey, the experience was deemed worthwhile upon meeting. The initial encounter, which took place late at night, affirmed James’s consistent personality—funny, intelligent, and confident—matching their phone interactions.

masculine woman falls in love with feminine man

Despite having only 48 hours together during Maren’s visit, the couple made the most of their time, sharing their first meal and allowing Maren to meet James’s friends. Over a year and a half, they have continued to defy societal norms and embrace their unique love story, enjoying the journey of “breaking all the gender and relationship stereotypes.”

Have you ever heard of a relationship like this before?

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