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Meet Elizabeth Sweetheart: The Green Lady of Brooklyn

By Orgesta Tolaj


4 April 2024

elizabeth sweetheart green lady of brooklyn

© greenladyofbrooklyn / Instagram

Have you ever heard of Elizabeth Sweetheart, the Green Lady of Brooklyn? Known for her unique fashion sense and dedication to environmental advocacy, Elizabeth Sweetheart has become a beloved figure in her community. She has been featured in various media outlets and has inspired others to make small changes in their own lives to help protect the planet. Here is why you should know more about her.

Elizabeth Sweetheart: The Green Lady of Brooklyn

The Green Lady of Brooklyn, Elizabeth Sweetheart, stands out despite her petite stature of four feet eleven and a half inches. At 81 years old, she lives up to her nickname by exclusively wearing green attire. From her clothes to her accessories, including glasses frames, and fingernails, everything she wears is vividly green. Her extensive wardrobe features a variety of green-dyed overalls, along with other green garments, reflecting her unique style preference.

elizabeth sweetheart Green Lady of Brooklyn
© greenladyofbrooklyn / Instagram

On a warm and rainy mid-May Wednesday, the Green Lady of Brooklyn, Elizabeth Sweetheart, sports her trademark green hair fashioned into two buns. Adorned with a green choker, she wears pale green overalls with subtle purple accents, untouched by her color removal and dyeing process. Despite her reputation for an all-green wardrobe, she clarifies that not everything in her Carroll Gardens home of nearly 40 years follows the same hue.

The Green Lady’s House Is Also Green!

In the kitchen of her Carroll Gardens home, Elizabeth Sweetheart’s dedication to green is evident in every detail. From the rug to the trash can, utensils, dishes, cutting boards, and saucepans, everything is green. Even her coffee cup, oatmeal carton, vitamin pill case, sponges in the sink, and cabinet knobs adhere to the same color scheme.

elizabeth sweetheart Green Lady of Brooklyn
© greenladyofbrooklyn / Instagram

And yes, this includes her kitchen as well!

© The New York Post

How Did She Become the Green Lady?

Elizabeth Sweetheart didn’t set out with the intention of becoming synonymous with the color green. Initially incorporating green accents into her outfits and dyeing a streak of green in her hair, she didn’t identify as “being green” until she fully committed to dyeing her hair entirely. Reflecting on her journey, she describes it as an evolution, stemming from her passion for color as an artist and designer.

the lady in all green
© greenladyofbrooklyn / Instagram

The Green Lady’s transition to embracing green was significantly influenced by the positive reactions she received while walking her beloved golden retriever, Dylan, near the local school. Encountering children who adored both the vibrant green and Dylan, their interactions inspired her to continue her colorful journey each morning, fostering a connection that persisted over time.

How Long Has She Been “Green”?

Elizabeth Sweetheart, known for her green obsession, can’t pinpoint how long she’s embraced this lifestyle, but her husband suggests it’s been around 20 years. Despite being a local legend for years, her preference for green has catapulted her into internet stardom over the last decade.

the lady in all green
© greenladyofbrooklyn / Instagram

Elizabeth Sweetheart’s remarkable dedication to green may capture attention, but her extensive and prosperous career in New York’s fashion industry roots her in significant circles long before her monochromatic phase. Additionally, for over 50 years, she collaborated with renowned figures in fashion, including Ralph Lauren, his brother Jerry, and the Duchess of York, establishing herself as a respected designer with global connections.

What do you think of the Green Lady of Brooklyn?

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