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Meghan Markle Wins Defamation Case Brought by Half-Sister

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15 March 2024

Meghan Markle Wins Defamation Case

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In a recent legal victory for Meghan Markle, U.S. District Attorney Judge Charlene Honeywell has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha Markle. The lawsuit centered around allegations of defamation stemming from Meghan’s interviews, including her high-profile conversation with Oprah Winfrey. Let’s delve deeper into Meghan Markle’s win in the infamous defamation case.

Meghan Markle Wins Defamation Case

The court’s decision, summarized in a broad 58-page ruling, cited Samantha Markle’s failure to identify any statements supporting her defamation claims. Judge Honeywell emphasized that Samantha’s grievances appeared to stem from disagreements with Meghan’s opinions rather than statements of fact.

For People, Meghan’s attorney, Michael J. Kump, expressed satisfaction with the court’s ruling, stating, “We are pleased with the court’s ruling dismissing the case.”

Meghan Markle Wins Defamation Case
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Samantha Markle’s Allegations Against Meghan

The court has dismissed Samantha Markle’s $75,000 claim against Meghan with prejudice, meaning she cannot refile the lawsuit. Among Samantha’s claims were allegations that Meghan defamed her by asserting she “grew up as an only child.” According to her, they had a purported childhood closeness. Additionally, Samantha referenced the contents of the book “Finding Freedom,” particularly a chapter titled “A Problem Like Samantha.” In the book, she allegedly portrayed her unfavorably.

This recent decision builds upon a previous ruling from March 2023. Then Judge Honeywell determined that Meghan could not be held accountable for statements made in “Finding Freedom,” a book she did not publish. The court determined that Meghan’s statements had protection as they were either pure opinion or substantially true. This includes the assertion about her childhood.

Meghan Markle Wins Defamation Case
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Insights Into Meghan and Samantha’s Relationship

Samantha Markle’s lawsuit against Meghan also highlighted tensions within the family. Additionally, her reluctance to discuss her relationship with Samantha publicly was a point of argument in the lawsuit. According to Samantha, Meghan’s comments meant falsehoods about her book and caused reputational damage.

While Meghan celebrates this legal victory, Samantha Markle’s lawyer, Peter Ticktin, has indicated plans to appeal the decision. This is a signal that the legal battle may continue.

This dismissal marks the latest development in a series of legal challenges faced by Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry. It adds to the complex narrative surrounding their public image and family dynamics.

Do you think Meghan defamed her half-sister? Tell us in the comments.

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