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Why Did Queen Elizabeth II Hate Princess Lilibet’s Name?

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 January 2024

Queen Elizabeth ll Lilibeth name controversy

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Naming a child is a deeply personal decision, but when it comes to the British royal family, even the smallest details can become a subject of controversy. The naming of Princess Lilibet, the daughter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has reportedly angered Queen Elizabeth. But why? What is it about this name that has sparked such a strong reaction from the Queen?

Queen Elizabeth II Was Furious Over Claims She Agreed to Lilibet’s Name

Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly angered by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s claim that they had received her blessing to name their daughter Lilibet. A royal aide, as mentioned in the upcoming biography “Charles III: New King. New Court. The Inside Story,” asserts that the Queen was “as angry as I’d ever seen her.” This was following the public statement made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex regarding the use of her childhood nickname for their second child.

Why Did Lilibet “Anger” Queen Elizabeth II?

Contrary to initial reports, a palace source revealed to the BBC that Queen Elizabeth II was not asked by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for permission to use her childhood nickname for their newborn, Lilibet. The BBC’s royal correspondent Jonny Dymond shared this information, emphasizing that the Queen was “never asked.” However, royal sources confirmed to Page Six that Prince Harry did call and speak to his grandmother after Meghan Markle gave birth. However, it is suggested that it was more of an informative conversation about the birth and the intention to name the child after the Queen. This was rather than seeking formal permission.

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Meghan Markle’s Prior Announcement for Lilibet

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the birth of their baby girl in 2021. They expressed gratitude for the global love and support. They named her Lilibet Diana. “Lilibet” is a family nickname for Queen Elizabeth II, her great-grandmother. Moreover, “Diana” is in honor of Prince Harry’s late grandmother, The Princess of Wales. Buckingham Palace later stated on behalf of the royal family to celebrate Lili’s birth.

Queen Elizabeth II Lilibet
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A spokesperson announced that Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Camilla, and Prince William and Kate Middleton have been informed and are delighted with the news of the birth of a daughter for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Prince William and Kate Middleton also expressed their joy in a tweet. They congratulated Harry, Meghan, and Archie on the arrival of baby Lili.

Meghan Markle As Her Own Controversy

From the early rumors of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship to their decision to step back from royal duties, there has been widespread discontent. This was particularly true among the British public. The Duchess of Sussex has garnered significant attention. It is both positive and negative, for the stances she has taken in recent years. Despite facing public backlash and continuous tabloid scrutiny, Meghan Markle’s actions and choices have been the subject of much speculation and discussion.

In contrast to the warm reception received by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who hails from an aristocratic British family, Meghan Markle faced a cold and hostile reception, both from the public and within the royal family. She was born in America with an ordinary background. That is why Meghan’s failure to meet perceived conservative criteria may be a contributing factor to the unfavorable sentiments held by some in Britain.

There Is More Than Meets the Eye

In addition to her American background, Meghan Markle has faced racial slurs and slander. This includes discussions about her black ancestry and discriminatory newspaper headlines. Her racial identity appears to be a significant factor contributing to the British public’s reluctance to fully accept her as one of their own or as a member of the royal family.

Queen Elizabeth II Lilibet
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Moreover, Meghan Markle’s acting career, although not deemed highly successful, garnered worldwide attention. Some commend her for establishing her name before joining the royal family. However, British conservatives criticize her roles, particularly in the TV series ‘Suits’.

After reading the entire story, what do you think? Did they really ask for permission, or is Queen Elizabeth II right for being upset at Princess Lilibet’s name?

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