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Missouri Teacher Exposed to Having a Secret OnlyFans Account

By The Hyperhive


16 February 2024

Missouri teacher OnlyFans

©️ bri.coppage / TikTok / OnlyFans

Brianna Coppage, a 28-year-old former high-school English teacher from Missouri, is making waves with her unconventional career change. She opened an OnlyFans account while also keeping her everyday job as a teacher. Yes, you read that right. But what pushed her to such a decision? Does she continue working as a teacher? Does she regret the decision and how much is she making? Continue reading to find out.

Missouri teacher OnlyFans Account Gone Viral

The Missouri teacher was in an interview with Fox News where, among others, she talked about the reasons behind the decision to open an Only Fans account. The decision wasn’t easy for Coppage, who was grappling with a meager salary of $42,000 per year and mounting student loan debt. Feeling the pinch of Missouri’s low teacher pay, she saw OnlyFans as a way to supplement her income and gain financial stability. According to her, “Missouri is one of the lowest states in the nation for teacher pay.”

Missouri teacher OnlyFans
©️ bri.coppage / TikTok

She told Fox News, “I started it, one, to just supplement my income and kind of see what happens and possibly make extra money. Like, I have student loans. I was working on my third degree. So, I also have a master’s degree in education, and then I was working on my specialist degree.”

No Regrets Whatsoever

In interviews, Coppage has been candid about her journey, expressing no regrets about her choice to switch careers. Despite the raised eyebrows and criticism, she stands firm in her belief that sex work shouldn’t carry a stigma.

She firmly stated, “I do not regret joining OnlyFans. I know it can be taboo, or some people may believe that it is shameful, but I don’t think sex work has to be shameful. I do just wish things just happened in a different way.”

Coppage mentioned that she’s become one of the platform’s top creators, earning nearly $1 million since she started the account last summer.

“I will also say that I have tens of thousands of fans now. And I have, you know, far exceeded my teacher salary for the year,” she added.

However, her transition hasn’t been without its challenges. When her OnlyFans activities came to light, Coppage found herself on leave from her teaching job. Although the district raised concerns about inappropriate online content, she maintains that her adult endeavors were entirely separate from her role as an educator.

Living Teaching Behind

Ultimately, Coppage decided to step down from her teaching position to spare her school further scrutiny. Leaving behind her students and the teaching profession wasn’t easy, and she admits to going through a period of grief for what she left behind.

Missouri teacher OnlyFans
©️ bri.coppage / TikTok

Her story has sparked discussions about teacher salaries nationwide. With average starting salaries below $42,000 and a widening “teacher pay penalty,” many are questioning the fairness of compensation in the education sector.

As Coppage’s tale unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the challenges individuals face in balancing personal choices, financial pressures, and societal expectations. While her path may not be conventional, it sheds light on broader issues within the education system and the changing nature of work in today’s digital age.

Is it okay for teachers to have OnlyFans accounts? Tell us in the comments.

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