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How Did This Couple Get Married With a 10-Second Wedding?

By Orgesta Tolaj


4 December 2023

NASCAR Pit Stop Wedding

© Busch Light

Who doesn’t dream of their big day? Getting to tie the know with your favorite person, and making your life-long commitment official. To top it all off, you imagine every decoration, every menu item, and every little detail of the wedding. And while that is true for most of us, this couple had an unusual marriage idea. This is Tori’s and Nick’s NASCAR pit stop wedding. A wedding that was sponsored by beer, and only took 10 seconds.

The NASCAR Pit Stop Wedding

Tori Lindsay and Nick Brendel exchanged vows in a unique and swift ceremony at the South Point 400 NASCAR Cup Series playoff race. Their wedding is now known as the “Busch Light Pit Stop Wedding“. It took place during a pit stop for driver Kevin Harvick’s #4 car. The couple, seeking the title of the “fastest wedding imaginable,” got ready backstage before walking towards the pit box.

NASCAR Pit Stop Wedding
© Busch Light

In a short video, Tori and Nick were seen preparing for their unconventional ceremony. This added an element of excitement to the already thrilling NASCAR event. As they approached the pit box, the couple tied the knot in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 80,000 fans. The entire wedding, from start to finish, unfolded in under 10 seconds. It was a brief but memorable moment for the couple and the passionate NASCAR audience. The “Busch Light Pit Stop Wedding” showcased a creative and exhilarating way to celebrate love amid the fast-paced atmosphere of a race.

What Did the Couple Wear to the NASCAR Pit Stop Wedding?

The bride chose a distinctive look for her wedding day, opting for a white NASCAR racing suit paired with a veil wrapped around her waist. She carried a white rose bouquet adorned with Busch Light beer cans. On the other hand, the groom wore a white button-up shirt, tie, and boutonniere beneath a NASCAR jacket, complemented by matching pants. Actor Gerald Downey, also known as the “Busch Guy” from Busch Light commercials, assisted the groom in getting ready, including helping him knot his tie before the ceremony. The couple’s attire, featuring elements of NASCAR and Busch Light branding, added a unique and personalized touch to their special day.

© Busch Light

Who Officiated the Wedding?

Gerald Downey, also known as the “Busch Guy,” served as both the officiant and a lively presence at the wedding ceremony. In front of the pit stop crew, he vocally asked Nick Brendel if he took Tori Lindsay to be his bride, to which Brendel nodded and mouthed “I do.” The same exchange occurred for Lindsay, and Downey proclaimed them husband and wife, encouraging them to kiss. The crowd cheered as the couple quickly shared a smooch. The newlyweds, who are avid NASCAR fans from St. Louis, Missouri, looked ecstatic as they walked away from the pit stop, celebrating their unique and speedy ceremony. It’s worth noting that the couple’s love for NASCAR was evident not only in their wedding but also in their engagement, which took place earlier in the year at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

NASCAR Pit Stop Wedding
© Busch Light

What do you think of the couple’s wedding theme?

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