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We Have a New Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Divorce Update

By Orgesta Tolaj


20 March 2024

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas divorce

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After their high-profile divorce, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas reached a temporary custody agreement for their daughter. However, recent developments have led to Turner requesting the reactivation of their divorce case. But, what could have prompted her to take this step and what does it mean for the future of their custody arrangement?

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Divorce Update

Sophie Turner, 28, and Joe Jonas, 34, started dating in 2016 and got engaged in the following year. They got married quietly in Las Vegas in May 2019 and had a second wedding ceremony in France a month later. They welcomed their daughters, Willa in July 2020 and Delphine in July 2022.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas divorce
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However, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ divorce battle isn’t finished just yet. Turner’s lawyers filed paperwork in Miami-Dade County, Florida, requesting to reactivate the divorce case after their temporary custody agreement expired in January.

The Messy Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Divorce

In September 2023, Joe Jonas filed for divorce from Sophie Turner, following speculation of their split when they stopped wearing their wedding rings earlier that month. They released a joint statement on Instagram, announcing their decision to end their marriage amicably after four years. They emphasized that it was a united decision and requested privacy for themselves and their children amidst various speculative narratives.

However, the divorce between the two took a wrong turn when Turner sued Jonas, accusing him of unlawfully keeping their daughters in New York City despite prior agreement to relocate to England. Jonas denied the allegations. Turner also claimed in the lawsuit that their separation occurred abruptly following a heated argument in August 2023.

The First Custody Arrangement

In October 2023, Joe and Sophie reached a temporary custody agreement for their daughters, lasting until January. They stated that the children would split their time equally between homes in the U.S. and the U.K., emphasizing their commitment to being excellent co-parents.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas divorce
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In late October, a source informed “US” that the two were “on the path to healing.” They had aligned their perspectives after addressing their issues. The source indicated that their relationship was less contentious, with both parties making progress. An “amicable” conversation between them prompted a quicker resolution to their custody dispute. This was motivated by their desire to prioritize their children’s well-being and avoid prolonging the process.

Where Are They Now?

Since their split, both Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have moved on romantically. Turner has been romantically linked to British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson since October 2023. Some sources indicate their relationship has progressed significantly. Meanwhile, Jonas has been spotted with model Stormi Bree since January. An insider noted that while their relationship was still in its early stages, Jonas is content and open to seeing where things lead.

Do you think Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas can make it through this messy divorce?

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