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New York Woman Sick of Dating Apps!

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 September 2023

karolina geits new york woman asking for husband

© karolinageits / Instagram

Have you ever come across a person so irritating it makes you want to quit using an entire app? Well, that is the situation we are going to talk about today. This 29-year-old New York woman was so tired of using dating apps like Tinder, that she decided to take matters into her own hands. Can we blame her? With the dating pool being quite diverse nowadays, chances are you are likely to meet one or two rotten apples. Who would want that to happen?

Well, here is what this woman had planned instead.

What Did This New York Woman Do?

Karolina Getis, a 29-year-old, decided to try a unique approach to dating instead of using dating apps in New York City. She discussed the challenges of dating apps with friends and jokingly suggested she would go out with a sign. On September 4, she hit the streets with a sign, attracting attention from various people. One man smiled and waved, another took a photo, and a third was pulled away by his partner.

Influencer and model Karolina Getis found it amusing to observe people’s reactions as they passed by. She was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support her action received, which she hadn’t anticipated. People even started sending her their dating profiles for potential review, although she is still on the lookout for the best match.

Well, Did This Work?

That is definitely the golden question here. And to put it shortly, Karolina’s unconventional effort paid off as she connected with a man and is now in contact with him. The model announced:

“One guy at the end saw the sign and came and picked me up – I’m now in touch with him and we’re chatting with each other – we’ll see what happens in the future.”

Not Her First Rodeo Ride

This is not the only type of video that the model is known for. She has previously racked even more views with similar ideas. Karolina, who has almost 57,000 TikTok followers, frequently posts videos on her profile featuring cardboard signs with messages like “Need money for Cartier” and “Need money for Chanel.” This recent experience of taking to the streets of New York City with her sign to get money for Chanel was her favorite.

New York Woman
© karolinageits / Instagram

She shared that when she went outside the Chanel store with the sign, a man approached her, intending to give her the money for it. Some others also contributed funds. According to Karolina, if you ask in the right way, you can attract what you need, and making a sign is an effective method for that.

Well, what do you think of the entire situation? Is this something you would be willing to give a try? We would love to hear about your dating methods and tactics below!

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