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“He’s Not Real” – Woman Behind Viral TikTok Video Apologizes

By Orgesta Tolaj


23 August 2023

airplane lady

© tiffanygomas, texaskansasnnn / TikTok

Tiffany Gomas, the “crazy airplane lady” is finally speaking up. A month after taking the internet by storm, the woman behind the “Not Real” viral TikTok video has uploaded a video and apologized.

The video quickly garnered attention from all over the globe and people were quick to make fun of situations with memes and reaction videos. However, Tiffany Gomas has decided to share her side of the story and apologize for the trouble she has caused.

What Did Tiffany Gomas Do?

On an “American Airlines” flight on July 2, a woman named Tiffany Gomas was removed from the flight which was set to travel from Dallas to Florida. She was taken off the flight after accusing another passenger of stealing her AirPods and cussing, including the statement, “I’m leaving this flight, and there’s a reason… I’m telling you right now, that individual over there is not genuine, and you can stay on this plane, and you can stay with them or not. I won’t.

airplane lady
© texaskansasnnn / TikTok

Since then, the incident has gained widespread attention, sparking numerous conspiracy theories, viral memes, and parodies.

However, two months after the outburst, Gomas posted a TikTok video in which she offered an apology for her behavior.

Gomas Apologizes After Viral TikTok Video

Tiffany Gomas told TMZ: “There’s no excuse for freaking out on a plane full of people and causing everyone to have to deplane and be delayed.”

Gomas showed tremendous remorse for her word choice as well. She especially felt sorry for all the children who had to hear her say: “I’m getting the f*** off and there’s a reason…That motherf**** back there is not real and you can sit on this plane, and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to.”


I apologize and take accountability for my actions, they were uncalled for. My very worst moment was captured on video. Although the memes have been amusing, the flipside has been cruel. I’m thankful for my friends and family for supporting me through this. This experience has been life-altering and I hope to do good from it and promote positive mental health. Stay tuned!

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The Aftermath

Although Tiffany admits to finding humor in the memes that have come from her unfortunate incident, she said that she felt discomfort. This had mainly to do with the fact that her lapse was recorded and shared with the entire world. During an emotional moment, Tiffany became teary-eyed and choked up, offering gratitude to her family and friends for their unwavering support as she navigates the consequences. She also hopes that her story can serve as an important reminder of the significance of mental health.

The Apology

Tiffany Gomas went on TikTok to apologize to everyone who saw the video and witnessed her outburst. The video lasts around two and a half minutes and this is what she had to say:

Hi everyone, it’s me, Tiffany Gomas, probably better known as the ‘crazy plane lady’, which is completely warranted. My use of profanity was completely unnecessary, and I want to apologize to everyone on that plane, especially those that had children aboard. We all have our bad moments, um, some are far worse than others, and mine happened to be caught on camera for the whole world to see multiple times.”

Well, this situation surely tells you that you should never judge a book by its cover. Tiffany Gomas was definitely going through something in her personal life and it is important to always consider the other side of the story.

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