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Puzzle Face Tattoo Enthusiast Spends £12,500 to Look ‘Inhuman’

By Medina Syla


8 May 2024

©️ black_depression9 / Instagram

In the Ore Mountains of Germany, a 28-year-old body modification artist known only by his Instagram handle ‘Black Depression’ has spent over £12,500 ($17,000) transforming his appearance in a bid to look “as inhuman as possible.” From tattooing his face like a jigsaw puzzle to inking his eyeballs jet black, his extreme modifications are turning heads worldwide.

Puzzle face tattoo
©️ black_depression9 / Instagram

The Journey Begins: From Tongue Splitting to Titanium Teeth

Black Depression started his journey into body modification at age 20 with a tongue-splitting procedure. He soon followed it up by amputating half of his auricle (the visible portion of the external ear) on both sides.

©️ black_depression9 / Instagram

I can create and change my body as I would like it to be,” he explains. “I don’t follow a trend like many other people. Over the years, I developed my own trend, which nobody else wears.”

His transformation includes a mix of other modifications:

  • Jigsaw Face Tattoo: His facial tattoo features a variety of puzzle pieces, some filled in with color while others are left blank.
  • Black Eyeball Ink: He has dyed the whites of his eyeballs with jet-black ink, giving him a haunting gaze.
  • Titanium Teeth: Both rows of his teeth are covered with titanium crowns.
  • Ear Cartilage Removal: He has surgically removed chunks of his ear cartilage, giving them an alien-like shape.
  • Stretched Piercings: Both earlobes and nostrils are pierced and stretched.

Crafting the “Puzzle Face Tatto” Identity

The self-described “human puzzle” insists that body modification has fascinated him for many years and that his appearance is a result of a personal artistic vision. Stating”I can do my individual thing, not the same as what others do.

He performs some of his modifications himself, while body modification specialists around the world handle others. He emphasizes the importance of individuality, saying, “I don’t follow a trend like many other people. I go to different body mod artists around the world, and I also perform some procedures on myself.

Puzzle face tattoo
©️ black_depression9 / Instagram

Despite his dramatic appearance, he remains unsatisfied with his modified look and plans to undergo more extreme procedures in the near future.

Puzzle Face Tattoo Man’s Reception and Social Media Fame

On Instagram, where he shares his body modification journey with over 6,000 followers, he receives a mix of reactions. Some admirers describe his look as “hot and cool,” while others simply leave fire or heart emojis. One user commented, “So hot and cool!” while another said, “Nice.

His puzzling tattoos and extreme appearance leave others speechless. He wears his unique style with pride and walks with his head held high.

Finding Love Amid the Modifications

The German artist is in a relationship with a woman who shares his passion for body modifications. She, too, has her tongue split like his.

Puzzle face tattoo
©️ black_depression9 / Instagram

Together, they support each other’s body modification journeys, sharing their experiences on social media.

©️ black_depression9 / Instagram

Pushing the Boundaries of Body Modification

Despite spending over £12,500 on his transformation, Black Depression is not done yet. He plans to continue altering his appearance. With even more extreme body modifications, pushing the boundaries of what is considered ‘inhuman.’. With an unwavering commitment to his vision, he remains unapologetic about his unique look.

“Body modification has fascinated me for many years,” he says. “It’s like a way of creating and changing my body as I would like it to be.”

His journey, which began as an artistic endeavor to create a distinctive identity, has become a striking symbol of personal expression and individuality. Whether you love or hate his modifications, one thing is clear—’ Black Depression’ has crafted a look that’s impossible to ignore.

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