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Retired Couple Booked 51 Cruises: Cheaper Than a Retirement Home

By Orgesta Tolaj


12 October 2023

Retired couple's long-term cruise

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Apparently, Australians know how to party! And they can even do it after retirement. The great-grandparents choose to go on 51 cruises in a row instead of a retirement home because it’s more affordable. Talk about living the retirement dream! An Australian couple, Marty and Jess Ansen, decided to go on an extended cruise adventure as a unique retirement plan. They started their journey in June 2022 and have since enjoyed 51 consecutive cruises on Princess Cruises’ Coral Princess, with plans to stay for a total of three years, including a move to the larger Crown Princess ship.

Retired Couple’s Long-Term Cruise

Recent news highlights lengthy around-the-world cruises, such as the “cruise that never ends” offered by Life at Sea, initially planned for three years. Passengers like Keri Witman find it a cost-effective way to explore the world, avoiding plane tickets and hotel expenses.

Similarly, the Ansens, who are great-grandparents, see their time on the Coral Princess as a more affordable alternative to a retirement home, offering a carefree lifestyle with prepared meals and various activities. Cruise fares vary, with a seven-night Caribbean cruise in November typically costing between $424 and $1,158 per person, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Why Did They Decide on the Long-Term Cruise?

The great-grandparents have spent over 450 days on Princess Cruises’ Coral Princess, surpassing even most of the ship’s crew. They intend to remain on board for two years, embracing the cruise lifestyle. They’ve adopted a carefree attitude, telling their travel agent to book any available cruises. They view this extended cruise as a more affordable option compared to a retirement home. This lifestyle offers a wealth of activities, including dancing and dining, along with the convenience of housekeeping services.

Retired couple's long-term cruise
© 9News

What Do They Do in the Cruises?

The couple begins their days with a game of ping pong and relishes the simple joy of sipping a few beers while relaxing on their balcony, admiring the scenic views.

Their vibrant and sociable nature has made them a part of the ship’s extended family, and the crew eagerly anticipates their return for each new cruise. Even passengers who are joining for a single cruise have heard of this well-traveled couple and seek to greet them. The ship’s hotel manager, Ren van Rooyen, describes them as shipboard celebrities, highlighting the widespread recognition and popularity they’ve gained among both the crew and passengers.

What Is Next for the Couple?

Their status as shipboard celebrities will continue for another eight months until the couple eventually disembarks. However, their global adventures are far from over. They have future plans to transition to the larger Crown Princess cruise ship for an additional year of exploration.

In terms of family connections, they manage to meet up with relatives when the ship docks near their homes, ensuring they stay in touch despite their extended time at sea.

Is this your retirement dream, or would you rather spend your time in a retirement home instead? Let us know what you think of the couple’s decision to travel for so long in the comments below.

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