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Sydney Sweeney Makes Fun of Glenn’s Dating Rumor on SNL

By Orgesta Tolaj


5 March 2024

Sydney Sweeney SNL

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Sydney Sweeney, known for her roles in popular TV shows like Euphoria and The White Lotus, recently made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live. During her skit, she cleverly addressed the dating rumors surrounding her and actor Glen Powell. The rumors first started when the duo was seen hanging out during the filming of “Anyone But You”. So, are the rumors true or not? Here is what she had to say.

Sydney Sweeney Stars on SNL and Pokes Fun of Dating Rumors

Actress Sydney Sweeney, 26, showcased her humor as the host of “Saturday Night Live”. She addressed various rumors about herself with wit and candor. One notable rumor she debunked was about an alleged affair with her co-star Glen Powell while filming “Anyone But You,” clarifying that her fiancé was present throughout the shoot as they produced the movie together.

Sydney Sweeney SNL

Throughout the filming and press tour for “Anyone But You,” rumors persisted about Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell being romantically involved. Both actors have consistently refuted these claims. Sweeney reaffirmed her commitment to her fiancé during her hosting gig on “SNL,” declaring him to be the man of her dreams and emphasizing their enduring relationship, even showcasing his presence at the event.

“The Man of Her Dreams” Reacts

During Sydney Sweeney’s hosting of “SNL,” the camera caught Glen Powell looking bewildered upon realizing he was on TV, much to the audience’s amusement. Sweeney humorously clarified that he wasn’t her fiancé, mentioning that he was in her dressing room. She then proceeded to introduce the musical guest, Kacey Musgraves. Sweeney has been engaged to businessman Jonathan Davino since 2022, according to reports.

Sydney Sweeney SNL

What Else Did Sydney Sweeney Discuss?

During her “SNL” monologue, Sydney Sweeney acknowledged her recent box office disappointment, “Madame Web,” contrasting it with her successful projects like “Anyone But You” and “Euphoria.” She humorously addressed rumors about her appearance and weight-loss methods, denying the use of a nutritionist and jokingly attributing her fitness to running, sugar avoidance, and a reference to Ozempic, a Type-2 diabetes medication known for its weight-loss effects.

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