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Tish Cyrus Hired Security to Ban Noah Cyrus From Her Wedding

By Orgesta Tolaj


7 March 2024

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Family drama can be intense, especially when it comes to weddings. But what happens when a mother hires security to keep her own daughter away from the celebration? This situation recently unfolded at Tish Cyrus’ wedding, where she reportedly hired security to ban her daughter Noah Cyrus from attending. But, why did she do this?

Tish Cyrus Hired Security for Her Daughter

The Cyrus family drama escalates as reports reveal that Tish Cyrus allegedly hired security to prevent her daughter Noah from attending her wedding to Dominic Purcell. Noah, 24, did not attend her mother’s wedding in August 2023, leading to speculation that Tish’s relationship with Purcell had caused a rift between them. However, new information suggests that Tish herself barred Noah from the ceremony, adding another layer to the ongoing family feud.

Tish Cyrus Hired Security
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According to a source, Tish Cyrus was the one who did not invite her daughter Noah and son Braison to her wedding with Dominic Purcell. She also allegedly blocked them on Instagram following her pursuit of Purcell. Furthermore, the source claims that Tish requested security at her wedding to prevent Noah and Braison from attending.

Why Did Tish Cyrus Hire Security for Noah Cyrus

According to the source, Noah Cyrus and Dominic Purcell were in a relationship before he started dating her mother, Tish Cyrus. However, Tish pursued Purcell without informing Noah. This led to Noah and her brother Braison not being present at Tish’s wedding to Purcell, sparking speculation of a family rift. Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus divorced in April 2022 after 28 years of marriage, and they share three children: Miley, Noah, and Braison. Tish also has children from a previous marriage, while Billy Ray has a son from a previous relationship. The source also mentioned that Miley Cyrus was unaware of Noah and Dominic’s relationship and that her role as maid of honor at the wedding was not intended as a slight against her father, Billy Ray.

Tish Cyrus Hired Security
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Do you think it was necessary for Tish Cyrus to hire security for her own daughter?

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