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Top 10 Richest YouTubers in the World

By The Hyperhive


12 January 2024

©️ Jake Paul / Like Nastya / MrBeast

These creators, known as the richest YouTubers, have transformed their online platforms into lucrative empires. They capitalize on diverse content genres, business ventures, and entrepreneurial acumen. From gaming sensations and lifestyle influencers to child-friendly entertainers and makeup moguls, the wealthiest YouTubers have not only mastered the art of engaging content but have also diversified their revenue streams, propelling themselves to unprecedented financial heights.

Join us as we delve into the fascinating journeys and financial triumphs of these digital luminaries. We explore the diverse pathways that have led them to become the wealthiest and most influential figures in the ever-evolving landscape of online content creation.

10. Markiplier: $30 Million

Securing the ultimate position in the elite roster of the top 10 wealthiest YouTubers is Mark Edward Fischbach, widely recognized as Markiplier. His channel boasts an impressive subscriber count of approximately 36 million. It offers a diverse array of content, spanning from immersive horror game playthroughs to captivating reaction videos and even full-length feature films.

©️ Markiplier / YouTube

Speculations about his financial standing vary, with experts pegging his net worth anywhere between $35 million and $45 million. Markiplier’s considerable annual income from YouTube is estimated to be a noteworthy $30 million.

9. Ninja: $40 Million

Dominating the YouTube scene with his gaming prowess is Richard Tyler Blevins, better known as the legendary Ninja. With a robust subscriber base exceeding 23 million, his channel is a hub for exhilarating gaming content. Notably, Ninja has also ascended to the summit of Twitch, holding the title of the platform’s most-followed streamer.

©️ Ninja / YouTube

The financial tapestry of Ninja reveals a net worth of approximately $40 million, attesting to his multifaceted success. His annual earnings clock in at an impressive $10 million, a testament to the enduring popularity of his engaging and dynamic content in the gaming sphere.

8. PewDiePie, $40 Million

Entering the ranks of the wealthiest YouTubers in 2023 is none other than the renowned Felix Kjellberg, widely recognized as PewDiePie. The Swedish YouTube sensation has garnered an astounding 110 million subscribers on one of the most sought-after channels on the platform. He was propelled to stardom by his engaging gameplay and reaction videos.

©️ PewDiePie / YouTube

While Kjellberg has taken a step back from regular content creation, his digital empire continues to yield substantial returns. Despite the reduced frequency of uploads, the financial landscape for PewDiePie remains robust. As of 2023, his net worth stands at a formidable $40 million, maintaining its stability from the previous year. However, there has been a notable dip in his annual income, which has dwindled to approximately $7 million. This marked a significant decrease compared to his previous earnings. The shifting dynamics underscore the evolving nature of online content creation and its impact on the financial standing of even the most iconic figures in the digital realm.

7. Jake Paul, $60-80 Million

Embracing a parallel wave of digital triumph, Jake Paul has charted a course of online prosperity that, while not devoid of scrutiny, has steered relatively clear of controversy compared to his brother. Two years Logan’s junior, Jake has leveraged his celebrity status to venture into the realm of teen entertainment. With this, he marked his presence in Disney’s Bizaardvark series while also showcasing his musical talents with the release of hip-hop tracks.

©️ Jake Paul / YouTube

The boxing ring witnessed Jake’s foray into a new arena in 2018, debuting against Deji, the younger brother of KSI. Since then, he has carved a distinctive niche in the sports industry, augmenting his profile with ventures ranging from lifestyle products to sports betting.

The culmination of these diverse endeavors translated into a substantial income, with Jake Paul raking in an impressive $34 million in the past year alone. Presently, his net worth is estimated to fall within the substantial range of $60 to $80 million. This underscores the multifaceted success he has achieved through his dynamic presence in various entertainment and sports-related ventures.

6. Logan Paul, $75 Million

The inclusion of YouTube luminary Logan Paul on the richest YouTubers list comes as no surprise. Alongside his brother, the duo initially made waves on Vine before seamlessly transitioning into two of the most influential figures on YouTube. Their journey, starting with pranks and comedy, evolved into TV acting. Eventually, it became a strategic return to crafting their individual profiles on the YouTube platform.

Logan Paul’s channel, however, has weathered its fair share of storms. In 2018 he faced severe backlash for uploading a video filmed in a Japanese forest notorious for suicides. In the video, he featured a deceased individual. Despite YouTube suspending Logan’s channels from its preferred ad program, Google Preferred, he continued to wield significant influence on the platform.

©️ Logan Paul / YouTube

In recent years, Logan has diversified his portfolio, venturing into professional boxing and acting. His entrepreneurial spirit is evident through the ownership of Maverick Apparel, a flourishing merchandise company. Furthermore, Logan has co-founded the sports drinks brand HYPE PRIME, in collaboration with his YouTube counterpart and occasional rival, KSI.

As of 2023, Logan Paul’s cumulative net worth stands at an impressive $75 million. His annual income has witnessed a commendable upswing, reaching an estimated $21 million. This marked a notable increase of approximately $3 million compared to the previous year. This financial trajectory attests to Logan Paul’s resilience and adaptability. He proved that even amidst controversy, strategic diversification can yield substantial returns.

5. Vlad and Niki, $90-130 Million

Earning a place among the top 10 richest YouTubers is the delightful duo Vlad and Niki. Their channel showcases the boundless creativity of 10-year-old Vladislav and his 8-year-old brother Nikita Vashketov. Originating from Russia, these young sensations swiftly rose to YouTube stardom in 2018, courtesy of their parents’ creation of a captivating YouTube channel.

Their content, a delightful blend of fun challenges, toy exploration, and exciting adventures, resonates strongly with their youthful audience. In a recent escapade, the brothers delved into the vibrant kids’ activities scene in Dubai, adding another layer of entertainment to their repertoire.

Richest YouTubers
©️ Vlad and Niki / YouTube

Notably, Vlad and Niki stand out with some of the highest YouTube earnings. Reportedly they earn over $300,000 per video on average, a substantial portion of which is attributed to lucrative brand sponsorships.

The financial success of these young prodigies is nothing short of remarkable. The combined net worth of Vlad and Niki currently hovers around the impressive figure of $100 million, with estimates ranging from $90 to $130 million. In the previous year, their diverse revenue streams, fueled by ad income from YouTube and numerous brand collaborations, translated into earnings ranging from $45 to $60 million. This underscores their success in capturing the hearts of their audience and leveraging their creativity into a lucrative empire.

4. Ryan Kaji, $100 Million

Standing tall as one of the premier contenders in the realm of richest YouTubers is the youthful entrepreneur, 12-year-old Ryan Kaji. Bursting onto the scene in 2015, Ryan’s World emerged when his parents shared footage of him joyously unpacking new toys, setting the stage for a phenomenal journey.

The evolution of Ryan’s World is a testament to its versatility, now featuring an expansive array of kid-friendly content. From educational videos and imaginative pretend play to engaging DIY arts and crafts and captivating science experiments, the channel caters to the diverse interests of its young audience.

Richest YouTubers
©️ Ryan’s World / Youtube

Beyond YouTube earnings, Ryan has seamlessly ventured into the world of merchandise. With his immensely successful line, Ryan’s World, reaching mainstream retail giants like Target.

As of now, Ryan Kaji’s net worth is an impressive $100 million, reflecting the amalgamation of YouTube revenue and flourishing merchandise sales. He had a slight dip in annual earnings, which currently stand at approximately $35 million, compared to the previous year’s income of over $40 million. However, Ryan continues to maintain a strong foothold in the upper echelons of YouTube success. His ability to captivate young minds and navigate the business landscape underscores the remarkable achievements of this pre-teen sensation.

3. Like Nastya, $20-160 Million

Stepping into the limelight is Like Nastya, the first of three children’s channels on this prestigious list, enchanting audiences with content tailored for toddlers and young children. At the heart of this digital marvel is Anastasia Radzinskaya, affectionately known as Nastya.

Hailing from Russia and born in 2014, Nastya’s parents embarked on a creative journey by establishing a YouTube channel. The channel swiftly gained widespread acclaim for its viral content, ranging from delightful unboxing videos and captivating playtime clips to enchanting children’s songs.

Richest YouTubers
©️ Like Nastya / YouTube

As of late 2023, Like Nastya boasts a staggering 110 million subscribers, firmly establishing itself as one of the most-subscribed YouTube channels. The financial landscape surrounding Nastya’s success, however, witnesses varying estimates of her net worth, with figures ranging from $20 million to a remarkable $160 million. A more grounded estimate places her net worth at approximately $106 million, anchored by a substantial annual YouTube income of $22 million.

2. Jeffree Star, $200 Million

Claiming the second spot with an impressive net worth surpassing $200 million is makeup maestro Jeffree Star. Unlike the majority of YouTube or Vine natives, Star’s journey into fame commenced on the early social media platform, MySpace, where he initially gained prominence. His foray into the entertainment realm continued with a music career in the 2000s, although the venture failed to attain the anticipated heights.

Richest YouTubers
©️ jeffreestar / YouTube

In a pivot in 2014, Jeffree Star redirected his trajectory, repurposing his YouTube channel as a platform to propel his cosmetics brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. The transition proved to be a stroke of genius, transforming his cosmetics line into an unparalleled success. It generated an estimated annual revenue of an astounding $100 million.

This dynamic shift in focus and entrepreneurial sense has positioned Jeffree Star as a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetics industry. His annual YouTube income ranges between $16 million and $20 million. This serves as a testament to both his makeup artistry and his prowess as a business mogul.

1. MrBeast, $100-500 Million

Seizing the pinnacle of success is none other than Jimmy Donaldson, renowned by his alias MrBeast. At the helm of the most-subscribed creator channel on YouTube, MrBeast has become an unparalleled force in the digital landscape. He boasted well over 200 million devoted followers and secured the second-most views overall. His diverse content, spanning from ingenious pranks and exhilarating challenges to generous giveaways, has amassed an astonishing 50 billion views.7

Richest YouTubers
©️ MrBeast / YouTube

The estimation of MrBeast’s net worth presents a challenge due to the multifaceted nature of his income streams and his notable philanthropic efforts. Current estimates place his wealth at over $100 million. Forbes ventures into record territory by suggesting a staggering $500 million, crowning him as the world’s #1 top creator. However, these figures are notoriously difficult to pin down definitively, given the significant fluctuations arising from both diverse income streams and charity initiatives.

What remains unmistakable is the meteoric rise in MrBeast’s income in recent times. In 2023 alone, he amassed an estimated $82 million, witnessing a surge of nearly $30 million compared to the preceding year. The speculation by Forbes that MrBeast could potentially become the first YouTube billionaire by valuation underscores the trajectory of his financial success.

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