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Travis Barker Christmas Gifts That Will Leave You Jaw Dropped

By The Hyperhive


29 December 2023

Travis Barker Christmas Gifts

©️ travisbarker / Instagram

Travis Barker really went all out to make this Christmas unforgettable for his kids. The Blink-182 drummer didn’t hold back. He surprised his daughter Alabama and son Landon with the car of everyone’s dreams. Alabama couldn’t contain her excitement and shared the sleek black cars on her Instagram Story, shouting out a big “I LOVE YOU!”

Travis Barker’s Gift Extravaganza

Talk about expensive gifts. In a truly generous gesture, he presented his daughter and son with identical Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons, each boasting a value of approximately $140,000. These stylish black vehicles are the latest 2024 models.

Travis Barker Christmas Gifts
©️ alabamaluellabarker / Instagram

But that’s not all – some extra fancy surprises were waiting under their Christmas tree. Alabama, who is 18, unwrapped a chic white Hermes Birkin bag with silver hardware, a total game-changer that usually goes for over $30,000. She proudly announced on social media that it was her first Birkin. Talk about starting the bag collection on a high note!

Travis Barker Christmas Gifts
©️ alabamaluellabarker / Instagram

Travis didn’t forget his newest addition to the family either – baby Rocky Thirteen. The little one’s first Christmas included a cool white play tent filled with toys, like a Disney-themed popcorn play cart and a musical llama from Manhattan Toy. All this was aimed at helping him develop those motor skills and musical talents early on.

Travis Barker Christmas Gifts
©️ alabamaluellabarker / Instagram

But it’s not just about the fancy gifts for the Barker-Kardashian crew. Kourtney Kardashian, Travis’s wife, got in on the festive action. She rocked a stylish black furry coat for the family’s Christmas Eve bash. And with their combined wealth, estimated at a jaw-dropping $65 million, you can bet their holiday celebration was nothing short of lavish.

Travis, with his impressive net worth of $50 million, made sure to spread the love to his step-children from his marriage to Kourtney. Though everyone would love to know, the specific gifts remain a mystery. The Barkers, now including the adorable baby Rocky, dove headfirst into the holiday spirit. Landon, Travis’s son from a previous marriage, spilled the beans on feeling both “super happy” about the new baby brother. He also said he is secretly wishing for a baby sister.

Christmas at Barker Family

Known for their lively Christmas festivities, the Barker family went all out with decorations and gift shopping. They even included an Elf on the Shelf to add that extra touch of magic.

Travis Barker Christmas Gifts
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As the Barkers soaked in the holiday vibes, Kourtney Kardashian, a key player in the Kardashian-Jenner empire, considered baby Rocky the ultimate Christmas gift. The whole family came together to decorate their home and take part in the joyous traditions of the season.

In a nutshell, Travis Barker, not just a rockstar but also a big softie, turned this Christmas into a grand affair for his family. Whether it’s luxury cars for the older kids or special toys for the newest member, the Barkers celebrated the holidays in true style, making memories that’ll last a lifetime.

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