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Travis Scott Wants to Go to Harvard and Become an Architect

By Orgesta Tolaj


22 November 2023

Travis Scott Harvard Architect

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I guess music is not always the end for some artists. And this includes Travis Scott as well. The rapper, best known for his hits like “Butterfly Effect” and “Highest in the Room,” is opting for a new career choice. During a recent interview, Travis Scott mentioned that he wants to go to Harvard for his studies. In the interview, he talked about wanting to become an architect for as long as he can remember.

You Know Harvard, Don’t You?

Harvard University is a prestigious and renowned private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Established in 1636, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Harvard has a strong reputation for academic excellence and has produced numerous influential alumni in various fields. This includes government, business, science, and arts.

Travis Scott Harvard Architect

Harvard offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs across various disciplines. This includes humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, business, law, and more. The university is known for its rigorous academic standards, distinguished faculty, and commitment to research and innovation.

How Did Travis Scott Announce He Wants to Go to Harvard to Become an Architect?

Travis Scott revealed in a GQ interview with Chris Heath that he intends to redirect some of his attention from music to pursue his passion for architecture. He disclosed plans to attend Harvard for architecture school. Scott then expressed a commitment to working hard and following the proper admissions process. He emphasized that he won’t be taking any shortcuts.

Travis Scott Harvard Architect
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Moreover, Travis Scott plans to start his architecture studies immediately after finishing the Circus Maximus Tour in support of his album, Utopia, in January of next year. He expressed a serious commitment to full-time architectural studies. Additionally, he stated that he intends to move to Boston for the approximately four-year program. Despite his focus on architecture, he reassured that he would continue making music during this period.

What Did Travis Scott Say About Architecture and Harvard?

Travis Scott shared that his decision to pursue architecture has been a longstanding aspiration rooted in his fascination with structural design and engineering. He has a genuine interest in constructing various types of structures. Scott mentioned finding it intriguing to explore how unconventional shapes can be structurally sound. Scott sees himself as an ultimate problem solver. He is also drawn to the complexities of understanding how things can be built and shaped. Even during his current rehearsals, he actively seeks knowledge about structural and staging elements, showcasing a continuous curiosity and commitment to the intricacies of design and construction.

Architecture Was Not Travis Scott’s First Dream

In another part of the interview, Travis Scott revealed that during his childhood, he aspired to become a nephrologist. The inspiration struck when he attended a friend’s extravagant birthday party in third or fourth grade and was amazed by the opulence of the house. The friend’s father was an ob-gyn, and the uncle, a nephrologist, explained his profession to Scott. Intrigued by the nephrologist’s role, Scott expressed a desire to pursue that career, impressed by the uniqueness of the field.

Travis Scott Harvard Architect
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Travis Scott explained that a nephrologist is a specialized doctor focused on kidney care and his interest in the field was sparked by the impressive demeanor of his friend’s uncle, who was a nephrologist. The uncle’s style and the idea of saving lives resonated with Scott during his middle and high school years, becoming a strong passion. He even took steps to shadow at hospitals, deepening his love for the profession. Despite initially aspiring to run his own practice, Scott eventually chose to leave the University of Texas at San Antonio to fully dedicate himself to a career in music.

What do you think of Travis Scott’s choice to go back to school? Do you think he can become a great architect at Harvard?

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