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This UK Brutal Cold Virus Is Sweeping Up Everyone

By Orgesta Tolaj


3 December 2023

UK Brutal cold virus

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Did you think that one cat virus was bad? Well, Europe is not ready to let go of viruses just yet. A new UK brutal cold virus has swept the country, with people complaining about being sick for weeks. Some symptoms include fever, headaches, blocked noses, coughs, and fatigue. While most people were afraid it was COVID-19, they took tests that resulted in negative. While the symptoms are flu-like, they distinguish it from the flu. Here is what to consider if you are also feeling unwell.

UK Brutal Cold Virus

A highly contagious and intense cold is currently affecting individuals across the UK, with patients reporting symptoms more severe than typical winter bugs. The viral infection has led to sufferers being confined to bed for several days and housebound for extended periods. This has created a significant impact on daily life.

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Common symptoms of this brutal cold include fever, persistent headaches, blocked noses, severe coughs, and overwhelming fatigue. Descriptions of the illness on platforms like Reddit’s r/CasualUK reveal the severity of the experience. One person sharing a three-week ordeal marked by nearly constant sinus congestion and intermittent relief, coupled with a concerning rate of mucus production.

How People Are Reacting

One person who has endured the severe cold expressed relief at finally experiencing improvement. They mentioned being able to breathe through their nose and regain their sense of smell. Despite lingering discomfort, the person expressed a sense of joy and appreciation, describing life as beautiful once more.

Several users shared their experiences with the severe cold, describing it as akin to the flu and worse than any winter bug prior to 2020. One person recounted being bedridden for days and housebound for an additional week, suspecting it to be a Covid variant not detected by tests. Another user highlighted the challenging nature of the illness, having been in bed for a few days and feeling unwell for weeks. A recommendation for Otrivine nasal spray was also provided as relief for the blocked nose and sinus symptoms.

Is the UK Brutal Cold Virus a New Covid Variant?

There is ongoing speculation that the intense cold sweeping through the UK might be linked to a new Covid variant, although conclusive evidence is yet to be established. According to the most recent NHS report, 11.7 million people in England have received the flu vaccine in 2023, and an additional 8.6 million have opted for a Covid booster. Despite these efforts, there remain millions of vulnerable groups still susceptible to the illness.

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The official advice from the NHS, as reported by YorkshireLive, emphasizes the importance of rest, staying well-hydrated, and consuming hot lemon and honey drinks to alleviate cough symptoms for those affected by respiratory viral infections. While Vitamin C is commonly regarded as a preventive measure, the suggestion for individuals already with a cold is to turn to zinc as a beneficial supplement to help combat the illness.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, make sure to contact your doctor for further information.

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