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Viral TikTok Trend: Men Think About The Roman Empire All Day

By Orgesta Tolaj


5 October 2023

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When in Rome do as the Romans do, but what do the men in your life have to do with all of this? Well, apparently there is a new TikTok trend going around, where people are asking their male partners how much they think of the Roman Empire. And if you were worried that your partner is thinking of other women, chances are pretty low with this one. While, personally, I never think of the empire, apparently men think about it more than you might guess.

Are Men Really Thinking of The Roman Empire This Much?

Nearly two millennia have passed since the Roman Empire’s zenith, yet a significant number of men continue to think about it. A recent social media trend involves women asking the men in their lives how frequently they ponder ancient Rome. Surprisingly, many men think about it weekly or even daily, leaving their loved ones surprised and bewildered.

The Roman Empire TikTok Trend

In a TikTok video, one woman asked her fiancé how often he thinks about ancient Rome, to which he astonishingly replied, “Three times a day.” His explanation was that there was so much about ancient Rome to ponder, leaving his soon-to-be wife visibly surprised.


Never once do I think of such things. How is this real?! #romanempire

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Another man, when asked why he frequently thinks about ancient Rome, enthusiastically exclaimed, “They built an entire world-dominating society.” This response left the woman who posed the question looking bewildered.

In a screenshot shared on TikTok, someone who claimed to think about ancient Rome “at least once a day” was asked how they knew so much about it. They responded by saying that they had recently been discussing topics like the Roman aqueducts and their advanced concrete technology. The surprise of the person asking the question is evident in their response, “How the hell did you know that?” This showcases the level of fascination and knowledge some individuals have about ancient Rome, prompting intriguing conversations and reactions on social media.

But, Why Are Men Thinking of the Roman Empire?

According to Judith Hallett, an emeritus professor of classics at the University of Maryland, ancient Rome had various definitions of masculinity. Many men develop an enduring interest in Roman history after their initial exposure in middle and high school, often continuing to engage with it through mass media. Recent popular culture has portrayed Roman history in entertainment media like “Gladiator” and the TV show “Spartacus,” which primarily focus on battles and often attract male audiences. Some argue that Americans are drawn to ancient Rome because they see parallels with the contemporary decline of their own country. This status anxiety is not unique to the United States or the 21st century, as historical comparisons between the United States and the decline of Rome have appeared in The New York Times several times over the years.

What do you think of this latest trend? Have you tried asking a man in your life about the Roman Empire? What did they answer with? We would love to know more in the comments below!

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