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Why on Earth? John Cena Was Naked at the Oscars

By The Hyperhive


12 March 2024

John Cena naked Oscar

©️ ABC News / YouTube

In a daring and hilarious move, actor and wrestler John Cena made waves at the 2024 Oscars ceremony by presenting the award for Best Costume Design nearly naked. The 46-year-old star’s memorable appearance paid homage to a wild moment in Oscars history. However, it left viewers both asking “Why?” What was this all about? Continue reading to find out.

Why Is John Cena Naked at the Oscars?

At the recent 2024 Oscars, John Cena stole the show in a way nobody expected. The actor and wrestler took the stage to present the award for Best Costume Design in a rather unconventional manner – almost naked.

Picture this: Cena walks out holding the winner’s envelope, but there is a twist. He is basically wearing nothing but a smile and some strategically placed props. It was all part of a comedic bit orchestrated by Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel joked about the possibility of a streaker running across the stage, prompting Cena’s surprising entrance.

©️ ABC News / YouTube

Initially, Cena seemed hesitant about the whole thing, expressing his discomfort with the idea of making a joke out of such an elegant event. But he quickly got into the spirit of things, engaging in some playful banter with Kimmel and the audience.

©️ ABC News / YouTube

The Toga Transformation

To everyone’s relief (and amusement), Cena reappeared on stage wearing what can only be described as a makeshift golden toga. It all provided a hilarious resolution to the unexpected situation. Behind-the-scenes photos revealed Cena’s clever use of nude-colored fabric to maintain his modesty while delivering the comedic stunt.

©️ ABC 7 Chicago / YouTube

But it wasn’t all just for laughs. Cena’s daring presentation also highlighted the importance of costume design in filmmaking, tying into the category he was there to announce. And despite the unconventional nature of his appearance, Cena managed to keep the focus on celebrating the artistry and talent honored at the Oscars.

©️ Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Naked Guest in 1974?

Back in 1974, the Oscars witnessed one of its most talked-about moments when a streaker crashed the stage. Imagine this: David Niven, in the middle of introducing Elizabeth Taylor, suddenly had an unexpected guest. A man named Robert Opel later revealed to be a US photographer and gallery owner, decided to spice things up by streaking across the stage.

John Cena naked Oscar
©️ ABC News / YouTube

The audience’s reaction? Instead of shock, there was laughter and cheers. It was the ’70s after all, a time when streaking – or running around naked in public – was oddly popular. Opel’s spontaneous stunt became legendary, etching itself into Oscars history as one of the craziest moments ever witnessed on that prestigious stage.

In the end, Cena’s near-nude moment will go down in Oscars history as one of the boldest and most memorable highlights of the night. It showed his willingness to take risks and entertain audiences in unexpected ways.

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