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Why Was Tom Cruise Banned From Buying a Bugatti?

By The Hyperhive


29 March 2024

Tom Cruise Bugatti ban

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Tom Cruise, renowned for his daring stunts on-screen, is permanently banned from purchasing a Bugatti. This ban stems from a quirky incident that happened at the premiere of “Mission: Impossible III” in 2006. It left Cruise on Bugatti’s blacklist ever since.

Tom Cruise’s Bugatti Ban Explained

Arriving at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Cruise, then 44, made a grand entrance in his Bugatti Veyron. The prized possession he bought the year before cost him a staggering $1.9 million. However, as he tried to open the passenger-side door, a seemingly mundane task turned into a public spectacle. Cruise struggled to unlatch the door, causing a momentary hiccup that caught the attention of onlookers and, notably, Bugatti executives.

Tom Cruise Bugatti ban
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Bugatti, known for its meticulous standards and exclusive clientele, did not take the incident lightly. The embarrassment caused by Cruise’s door dilemma was deemed damaging to the brand’s image. Consequently, the decision was made to permanently blacklist Cruise from any future Bugatti purchases, citing the incident as grounds for the ban.

Bugatti Ownership Rules

News of Cruise’s ban from Bugatti ownership sparked various reactions. Some found humor in the situation, with social media users sharing memes and jokes about the “impossible mission” of opening a car door. Others expressed sympathy for Cruise, noting the harshness of being banned from owning a coveted luxury vehicle brand.

Tom Cruise Bugatti ban
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Extension of the Ban

Cruise is not alone in his exclusion from Bugatti ownership. Reports indicate that other high-profile figures share a similar fate. The list includes boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, former Formula One champion Jenson Button, and television personality Simon Cowell. Bugatti’s tough stance on maintaining its brand prestige appears tenacious, increasing its blacklist to those deemed damaging to its image.

Tom Cruise Bugatti ban
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Despite his Hollywood stature and impressive car collection, Tom Cruise remains forever barred from adding a Bugatti to his garage. This was all due to a seemingly innocent moment nearly two decades ago. The incident serves as a reminder of the precise standards upheld by luxury brands and the consequences that even minor mishaps can have on one’s reputation in the world of high-end automobiles.

Do you think this was a sensible reason to ban the actor from buying Bagatti cars? Please share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

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