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Did This Woman Just Experience a Glitch in the Matrix?

By Orgesta Tolaj


18 November 2023

woman sees glitch in the matrix

© kahootdaddy777 / TikTok

What happens when something happens to you that you can’t explain? What if you’re certain that it happened, and yet nobody believes you? That would be quite tough to process. However, this one woman in TikTok has the proof to show you what happened. In a TikTok video, a woman expresses that she has experienced a “glitch in the matrix.” However, how true is it really?

What Is a Glitch in the Matrix?

A “glitch in the matrix” is a term popularized by internet culture and refers to strange, inexplicable occurrences or events that defy logical explanations. The concept is inspired by the 1999 science fiction film “The Matrix.” In it, humans live in a simulated reality created by machines. The idea is that when unusual or unexplainable events happen in real life, they are likened to errors or glitches in the simulated reality. This suggests a disruption in the normal flow of things. It’s often used humorously or metaphorically to describe moments that feel surreal or defy expected outcomes.

woman experiences glitch in the matrix
© kahootdaddy777 / Tiktok

What Did the Woman Witness?

A woman had an unusual experience resembling a ‘glitch in the matrix’. This happened when she cut through a lemon without leaving a scratch. The woman, unlike most, had the incident recorded on camera. This raises the possibility that our perceptions of reality might be deceptive. Jade Gonzalez, using the TikTok username @kahootdaddy777, shared surveillance footage of a bizarre incident at her family’s Mexican restaurant.

She begins the TikTok video with: “The craziest s*** happened to me earlier. There was a glitch in the system. I’m going to show you guys a video, okay?”

In the video, she is shown slicing lemons, and after cutting one in half, she walks away briefly. In the video, she narrates the moment, explaining how she cut the lemon in half and then in half again.

However, when she went to check the lemon again, it was miraculously intact despite the clear footage of her cutting it. She expresses her confusion and shock in the video, as the lemon appears uncut despite her actions.

She continued on the TikTok video: “I’m like, ‘Why is it not cut in half?’ In my face, I’m like, ‘What the f***?’”

The Internet Reacts

Many viewers of the video were convinced that they witnessed something unexplainable, with some suggesting the lemon must have “literally moved and put itself back together.” Others speculated that it could be a “glitch” or that the food seemed “alive.” However, some skeptics suggested that the woman might not have sliced it through initially, and others proposed that the lemon might have appeared to repair itself because it was stuck together after being sliced.

Some Were Sceptic

Despite the viral nature of Jade Gonzalez’s video depicting a supposed glitch, some viewers remained unconvinced. They suggested that she might not have sliced the lemon all the way through initially, and one user pointed out that the second cut seemed easier. In response, Gonzalez posted a follow-up video asserting that she did cut the lemon entirely. She addressed skepticism by explaining that the knife was very sharp and demonstrated by cutting another lemon in half to prove her point.

What do you think? Why was the lemon uncut after she returned?

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