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Woman Makes Pearl Necklaces Out of Semen and Breastmilk

By Medina Syla


26 April 2024

©️ trinketsbyamandabooth / Instagram & Freepik

Canadian artist Amanda Booth has captured attention by crafting pearl necklaces and bracelets from semen and breastmilk. Based in Canada, Booth began her venture into what she calls “jizzy jewelry” after a viewer’s suggestion on TikTok.

Semen Pearl Necklace
©️ trinketsbyamandabooth / Instagram

Booth’s started in 2021 when someone proposed the idea of using “man juice” in her creations. Determined to explore this new frontier, Booth enlisted her husband, Jesse Mullin, to test the process. They experimented with different amounts of semen and polymer clay, discovering that “at least a teaspoon” of liquid was optimal.

Launch of the Semen Pearl Necklaces!

After sharing the suggestion on social media, she found herself inundated with actual requests. Despite the unconventional nature of her work, Booth’s “jizzy jewelry” quickly gained popularity.

Semen Pearl Necklace
©️ amandaldbooth / Tiktok

The process involves clients sending in semen samples, which are then dehydrated, powdered, and incorporated into clay beads or trinkets. The necklaces sell for $110 CAD and cater to a diverse clientele, from BDSM enthusiasts to couples celebrating vasectomies.

Semen Pearl Necklace
©️ amandaldbooth / Tiktok

“Fresh samples are one thing, but when they’ve been in the mail for a little bit, I mean … it smells like semen, you know what I mean,” said Booth.

“We process them at the end of the day — otherwise, we’re sitting in the smell all day and it’s just … We did it in the morning one day and it was just like, ‘No, I’m never doing that again.’” 

The sample collection process proved to be the most memorable aspect of the experience. In an email, Duran candidly shared, “Not going to lie, getting the sample into the jar was quite difficult haha.”

It took multiple attempts, including two instances of sexual intercourse and two solo masturbations, to gather enough semen for shipping. Duran admitted, “It might have been more than she needed but we wanted to make sure she had enough to work with.”

“My partner loves to say things like ‘you’re gonna be wearing my nut on your finger”

Opinions on her sperm jewelry” have been divided on her tiktok account.

For many of Booth’s customers, the appeal of sperm jewelry” lies in its connection to the BDSM community. One anonymous client shared that she and her partner affiliated with BDSM saw the bracelets as symbolic “collars” representing their relationship.

Semen Pearl Necklace
©️ amandaldbooth / Tiktok

As one client said wearing a piece of “jizzy jewelry” serves as a playful reminder of their pre-baby sex life, with their partner jokingly referring to it as “wearing [his] nut on [her] finger.”

Different Perspectives on “Jizzy Jewelry”

Additionally, reactions ranged from incredulous to shocked, with comments such as “I’m sorry…what? the way I gasped when she said what’s in them.”

One TikTok user bluntly rejected the idea: “I’m boring, because hell to the no.”

Another expressed disgust, exclaiming, “What the heck is wrong with people?”

However, amidst the skepticism, some offered a more understanding perspective. One individual pointed out, “You never know the reason behind why something is important to someone else.”

With each piece of “jizzy jewelry,” Booth challenges societal norms and invites conversation about the definition of art and creativity.

While Booth’s creations have garnered both praise and criticism, she remains undeterred in her pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries.

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