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Woman Marries Tree to Protect It. Toast to the Happy Couple!

By Orgesta Tolaj


2 November 2023

© AP & Jeremy Bishop / Unsplash

Bark for a cause! What measures would you take to save an old landmark you are proud of? Would you go as far as this one particular person? Well, this woman married a tree to show her commitment to it. A Florida woman named Karen Cooper married a century-old Indian laurel ficus tree in Snell Family Park in Fort Myers to save it from being cut down. The wedding included floral arrangements, a dog as a ring-bearer, and a wedding cake with an icing rendering of the tree and the words “Higher Love.” What else was going on?

Woman Marries Tree News: Real or Fake?

Karen Cooper, a 60-year-old woman, orchestrated an extraordinary and unconventional wedding ceremony on March 24 at Snell Family Park in Fort Myers, Florida. In a bid to save a century-old ficus tree that faced the threat of being cut down, she “married” the tree in front of a gathering of neighbors and onlookers. Moreover, the event was designed to draw attention to the city’s plans to remove the tree. This was prompted by complaints from a developer who was selling an adjacent lot for a significant sum of $1 million.

Karen Cooper
Woman marries tree
© Karen Cooper

The unique wedding ceremony featured musical performances, mimosas, and a cake adorned with tree-themed decorations. Moreover, Cooper’s heartfelt commitment to the tree was a creative attempt to prevent its removal. Her decision to take such an unusual step was a demonstration of her determination to save the tree. Additionally, she wants to protect it from being felled, highlighting the significance of nature in urban development decisions.

woman marries tree
© AP & Jeremy Bishop

Woman Marries Tree to Save It

Karen Cooper, who resides in the same area, became aware of the tree’s impending removal through word of mouth. This happened as the city had failed to notify everyone in the vicinity. The notification was limited to those living within a 500-foot radius of the tree. Furthermore, this left many, including Cooper, uninformed about the situation. When her neighbor informed her about the tree’s fate, she was taken aback by the news.

Single Life Was Worth It!

Fueled by a desire to protect the tree, Cooper, who is currently single, began brainstorming innovative ways to raise awareness and save it. Her inspiration came from a report about women in Mexico. They had taken the unconventional step of marrying trees they wished to protect from deforestation. This unique approach struck a chord with her. Moreover, this led her to decide that she could similarly “marry” the tree as a symbolic gesture to garner attention for the cause. She recognized that the tree’s preservation was achievable through a simple trimming process. Afterward, by undertaking this unusual wedding ceremony, she hoped to highlight the importance of saving this valuable natural asset from unnecessary removal.

Karen Cooper
Woman Marries Tree
© Karen Cooper

Who Attended the “Wedding”?

During the wedding ceremony, Karen Cooper was not the only participant who read vows. She mentioned that around 70 of the attendees also made promises to protect and preserve the ficus tree. Interestingly, no rings were exchanged during the ceremony. This was because, according to Cooper, the tree already had an abundance of rings, given its age and long history. However, Karen further claimed: “It’s a beautiful tree. It’s just beautiful and it throws a lot of shade in the Florida heat, and it sits on the riverfront in a sunset park. This was just a fun way to bring attention to a very serious matter, that they’re going to cut down our beloved tree and that it’s the focal point of the park.”

Although unconventional, Karen marrying this tree shows that she is ready to fight for a cause. What about you? What lengths would you go for?

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