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World’s First Robot Lawyer Is Being Sued by a Law Firm

By Orgesta Tolaj


16 November 2023

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© Joshua Browder / Twitter & Owen Beard / Unsplash

Who knew lawyers could get sued? Well, this one just did! Technically, he is not a “real” lawyer. It is a Robot lawyer! And yes, the robot is getting sued! While it is all fun and games to create a startup and utilize AI and robots, DoNotPay (the company behind the robot lawyer) is facing a lawsuit from a law firm instead. Despite its claims that the program is ethical and has background knowledge, the lawsuit claims that the robot does not have a law degree to operate.

Robot Lawyer Is Getting Sued

The AI-powered app DoNotPay, designed to provide legal advice, is facing accusations. They include operating without a law degree and allegedly masquerading as a licensed practitioner. This development comes as the app, known for offering legal information and self-help support to consumers in their battles against large corporations. It was set to make history by advising the first defendant in court using artificial intelligence. The accusations have been made in a class action case filed by the US law firm Edelson.

Why Is the Robot Lawyer Facing a Lawsuit?

Chicago-based law firm Edelson has accused the DoNotPay service of being ‘unlawful’. They have also criticized the company for providing ‘substandard’ legal documents. The firm filed a complaint in the Superior Court of the State of California for the County of San Francisco. They stated that DoNotPay is not a robot, lawyer, or law firm, lacks a law degree, is not licensed in any jurisdiction, and operates without supervision by any lawyer. This challenges the legitimacy of the service and its ability to provide legal advice.

robot lawyer is getting sued by a law firm
© Joshua Browder / Twitter

How Was the Robot Lawyer Created?

DoNotPay was founded in 2015 by former Stanford University student Joshua Browder. It originally emerged to appeal parking tickets in the UK. Over time, the company has expanded its services to the United States. It provides advice on various subjects, including handling delayed flights, navigating workplace rights, and addressing misleading advertising claims.

robot lawyer is getting sued by a law firm
© DoNotPay

DoNotPay garnered attention for its potential historic role in advising the first defendant with a robot lawyer in court. However, these plans were thwarted by the looming threat of legal consequences. Additionally, this led to a change in course. Despite this setback, DoNotPay remains a notable player in the legal tech landscape. Moreover, it offers accessible legal information and self-help tools to consumers.

The Announcement of the Lawsuit

In January, Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay, revealed via Twitter that he was facing potential imprisonment for six months due to threats from State Bar prosecutors, stemming from his plan to introduce a robot lawyer into a physical courtroom. Meanwhile, Jonathan Faridian, the individual who filed the lawsuit against DoNotPay, disclosed that he personally utilized the service to draft various legal documents, including a discrimination complaint and small claims filings.

robot lawyer is getting sued by a law firm
© jbrowder1 / Twitter

Faridian expressed disappointment, stating that he believed he was purchasing legal documents and services from a competent lawyer, but did not receive the expected quality. The lawsuit further emphasized the potential risks and consequences of DoNotPay’s operations, citing instances where customers faced increased fines due to the service’s failure to respond to ticket summons and cases where arguments were reversed, resulting in fines.

The Issue With DoNotPay

The lawsuit asserted that providing legal services to the public without proper qualifications or supervision is reckless and dangerous, with real-world consequences for customers. Despite these allegations, as of March 3, DoNotPay’s website still referred to itself as the “World’s First Robot Lawyer,” continuing to offer legal products to the public, raising doubts about its intention to cease masquerading as a licensed practitioner.

Would you trust a robot lawyer?

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