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World’s Most Jealous Woman Puts Husband on Lie Detector Test

By Orgesta Tolaj


24 March 2024

Most Jealous Woman

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Jealousy can drive people to extreme measures, and one woman’s suspicions about her husband’s fidelity led her to take drastic action. When trust is crucial in relationships, jealousy can often rear its ugly head and cause chaos. While some may choose to confront their partners directly, others may opt for more unconventional methods to get to the truth. In a recent viral video, one woman takes jealousy to a whole new level by putting her husband through a lie detector test to determine if he has been unfaithful. The kicker? She makes him do it every day! Is this the most jealous woman ever?

Most Jealous Woman in the World

In a 2013 episode of ITV’s This Morning, Debbi Wood and her husband Steve appeared with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby to discuss their relationship. Debbi, dubbed the ‘world’s most jealous woman’ due to being married twice before, confessed to buying a lie detector test. Steve explained that his casual remark about being willing to take a lie detector test sparked the idea for Debbi. The presence of jealousy and mistrust in their relationship is left unexplained.

How Did the Pair Meet?

Debbi and Steve’s relationship began with distance and uncertainty about their status. During this time, Steve was involved with someone else. Although they eventually became exclusive, Debbi harbored resentment toward Steve for his earlier lies, leading to extreme jealousy. This jealousy manifested in Debbi making Steve take frequent lie detector tests and monitor his bank and phone records. Despite this, she expresses determination to hold onto her “good man.” In a subsequent interview, Steve reassured that they now use lie detector tests much less frequently. However, this isn’t the only unconventional aspect of their relationship.

Most Jealous Woman
© This Morning / YouTube

The Lengths He Has to Go Through to Satisfy the Most Jealous Woman Ever

Debbi imposes restrictions on Steve’s TV viewing, banning him from watching programs showing women due to her extreme jealousy. She feels panic over a razor advert, fearing Steve might admire the model. While she knows that appreciating beauty is natural, she draws the line at sexual fantasizing about other women. When asked about complimenting the host’s appearance, Debbi’s double standard is highlighted, but the matter is lightheartedly resolved.

Why Does She Feel This Way?

Debbi says that she has been diagnosed with “Othello Syndrome,” a recognized medical condition characterized by delusions of infidelity or jealousy. This condition, coming from previous traumatic relationships, poses challenges for both Debbi and Steve in managing their relationship. Despite this difficulty, Steve says that their relationship is otherwise strong, filled with laughter and deep connection when they are not arguing about the syndrome-related issues.

Most Jealous Woman
© This Morning / YouTube

Do you think the most jealous woman is taking it too far?

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