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Zendaya Unfollows Everyone on Instagram, Even Tom Holland

By Orgesta Tolaj


5 January 2024

zendaya unfollows everyone

© zendaya / Instagram

She “don’t need no one to tell her to feel the beat” and she doesn’t need anyone on her Instagram account either! To kick off 2024, Zendaya, the 27-year-old actress renowned for her roles in ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘The Greatest Showman,’ has taken a surprising step by unfollowing everyone on social media. This unexpected move encompasses even her boyfriend, Tom Holland, and several close associates, leading to widespread speculation about her motives among fans and the media.

Zendaya Unfollows Everyone on Instagram, but Why?

Zendaya, the 27-year-old Emmy-winning actress, made headlines on Wednesday as she carried out a comprehensive social media cleanse. The cleanup involved unfollowing everyone on the platform, including friends, associates, and notably, her boyfriend and Spider-Man co-star, Tom Holland. The motivation behind this move remains undisclosed, leaving fans curious about the reasons behind this sudden digital housekeeping.

This social media overhaul aligns with Zendaya’s upcoming starring roles in Dune: Part 2 and Challengers. This hints at a potential connection between her professional commitments and the need for a more streamlined online presence. While speculation abounds, the Euphoria actress has yet to provide any explanation for this digital reset.

The Movie Poster That Lead Zendaya’s Unfollowing Spree

Coincidentally, the social media cleanup occurred just days after Zendaya shared a post about Challengers. She posted a new poster for the movie, a tennis-centric film, and conveyed the release date, stating, “Challengers April 26th.” In the same post, she extended New Year wishes to her massive following of 194 million. She added a touch of positivity with, “Wishing you all the most beautiful new year✨.” The intriguing timing of her social media actions continues to fuel speculation and anticipation among her fans.

zendaya unfollows everyone
© zendaya / Instagram

It features her character prominently, wearing reflective sunglasses that reveal co-stars Josh O’Connor from The Crown and Mike Faist from West Side Story engaged in a tennis match. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the movie was initially scheduled for a September premiere but faced delays due to the SAG-AFTRA actor’s strike. Another film in Zendaya’s 2024 lineup, “Dune: Part 2,” which includes a star-studded cast with Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, and more, was also affected by the strike. It will now be released in March, pushed back from its original fall release date by Warner Bros. Discovery.

From Engagement Allegations to Break-Up Allegations

Just a week ago, Zendaya found herself at the center of engagement rumors, sparked by an Instagram post featuring a conspicuous ring on her finger. Moreover, the actress took to her Instagram Story to set the record straight. She addressed the speculations that had circulated in the wake of the photo.

In a lighthearted video, Zendaya laughed off the engagement rumors, her eyes playfully rolling as she shared her perspective. She explained that the post wasn’t about the ring on her right finger. It was rather showcasing a Golden State Warriors hat she was wearing. Expressing disbelief at the idea that she would announce such significant news through a casual Instagram post, she quipped, “You guys think that’s how I would drop the deuce? Like, what?!”

zendaya unfollows everyone
© zendaya / Instagram

The photo in question featured Zendaya donning a sizable ring, inadvertently fueling speculation that her boyfriend, Tom Holland, had popped the question. However, upon closer inspection, it became evident that the ring in question was a pearl ring and not an engagement ring. Zendaya’s humorous response provided a light-hearted and clear debunking of the engagement rumors, putting any lingering speculation to rest.

Do you think Zendaya unfollowed everyone because of the movies, or is it a completely other reason behind it?

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