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“What in the Black Mirror?” Wedding Dress Reflection Shocks the Internet

By Albulena Murturi


13 November 2023

Black Mirror Wedding Dress reflection

©️ wheatpraylove / Instagram, Black Mirror / Netflix

Imagine trying on a wedding dress, taking a quick pic to share with your sister, only to have it go viral as a ‘Black Mirror’ moment. That’s what happened to one shocked bride-to-be. Get ready for a tale where a simple wedding dress reflection turns into an internet sensation, leaving everyone questioning reality.

The Out of the “Black Mirror” Photo

Taking to Instagram, Tessa posted a photo of herself standing in front of two mirrors while trying on a wedding dress. The caption hinted at a surreal encounter with reality: “I went wedding dress shopping and the fabric of reality crumbled. This is a real photo, not photoshopped, not a panorama, not a Live Photo.”

Black Mirror Wedding Dress reflection
©️ wheatpraylove / Instagram

The image showcased Tessa’s hands appearing in three different positions between the two mirrors and her actual standing position. This has created a perplexing optical illusion that left social media users both terrified and amused.

Tessa described the moment as a “glitch in the Matrix,” admitting that the surreal image almost made her vomit in the street. The online reactions ranged from confusion and shock to humorous congratulations and advice to run.

One social media user commented, “This whole sequence of events is both absolutely terrifying and hilarious,” while another speculated, “What in the Black Mirror is happening?”

Tessa revealed that she had visited the bridal shop alone and sent the pictures to her sister, who noticed the discrepancy between the three versions of herself. Stunned and almost nauseous, Tessa sought answers, ruling out the possibility of a Live Photo or burst mode.

‘Black MirrorWedding Dress Reflection Explained

Desperate for an explanation, Tessa turned to her local Apple Store, where she waited two hours to consult with an Apple employee named Roger. Roger, admitting he had never seen a case like this, explained that phones function as computers, not cameras. Even without the Live Photo setting turned on, the camera takes a burst of images from left to right.

At the exact moment, the camera went behind Tessa’s back, she must have raised her hands, resulting in a completely different set of images on the other side. Roger clarified that an artificial intelligence decision stitched these two photos together, creating the mind-bending illusion.

Tessa shared Roger’s explanation on her social media, stating, “It’s made like an AI decision, and it stitched those two photos together.” A keen observer on Twitter even pinpointed the exact line on Tessa’s back where the photos were joined.

Black Mirror Wedding Dress reflection
©️ wheatpraylove / Instagram

The Technology Behind Wedding Dress Reflection

Moreover, Tessa revealed that Apple employee Roger mentioned a new technology being beta-tested by iPhone, similar to Google Pixel’s feature, where the phone takes multiple photos and selects the best one. The comedian emphasized that her phone was an iPhone, not a Google Pixel, making this technological anomaly a unique occurrence.

In conclusion, Tessa Coates’s wedding dress shopping experience took an unexpected turn into the realm of surrealism, captivating social media with a photo that seemed straight out of a “Black Mirror” episode. The one-in-a-million chance optical illusion left both Tessa and her online audience in awe, highlighting the unpredictable intersections of technology and reality in the digital age.

Although this happens “once in a blue moon,” it is crazy to assume this is the only case. Did this ever happen to anyone else? If yes, feel free to share it!

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