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British School Has an AI Robot as Principal Headteacher

By Orgesta Tolaj


12 December 2023

What happens if kids get a principal who knows everything they do at any given moment? While it might seem hindering to the kids, this is surely a wonderful option for worried parents. That is what this British school is trying to convince everyone. They have recently announced an AI robot as principal, and many people are divided in opinions.

AI Robot As Principal

In a surprising development, Cottesmore School in the United Kingdom has taken a novel approach by appointing an AI robot named Abigail Bailey as its “principal headteacher.” The school, situated in West Sussex, collaborated with an artificial intelligence developer to create Abigail Bailey, with the primary objective of supporting the school’s headmaster, Tom Rogerson.

According to Rogerson, Abigail Bailey plays a crucial role in providing advice on a wide range of issues. This includes offering guidance on supporting staff members, aiding students with ADHD, and contributing to the formulation of school policies. The technology behind Abigail Bailey operates in a manner similar to ChatGPT, an online AI service where users input questions and receive responses generated by the chatbot’s algorithms.

Additional AI Robot Was Also Included

Cottesmore School made headlines by appointing an AI robot, Abigail Bailey, as its principal headteacher, following the earlier recruitment of a head of AI to integrate technology into the curriculum and advise teachers on workload reduction. The decision to appoint an additional robot, “Jamie Rainer,” stemmed from the challenges of finding a human candidate capable of fulfilling various requirements, such as teaching sports, demonstrating high empathy, classroom teaching, engagement in diverse activities and hobbies, and possessing suitable qualifications in AI, which proved to be a demanding combination. According to Mr. Rogerson, the unique qualifications needed for a human appointment prompted the decision to opt for AI solutions.

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What Is the AI Principal Like?

Tom Rogerson, the headmaster of Cottesmore School, has disclosed the unique role played by the AI robot, Abigail Bailey. It provides him with guidance on a variety of matters. From supporting fellow staff members to assisting pupils with ADHD. It additionally contributes to the formulation of school policies, Abigail Bailey serves as a multifaceted resource for the headmaster. The technology underpinning Abigail’s functions bears a resemblance to the mechanism employed by ChatGPT. It is an online AI service where users pose questions and receive responses generated by the chatbot’s algorithms.

Rogerson explained that the AI principal has been specifically developed to possess a wealth of knowledge in both machine learning and educational management. One of its notable capabilities is the adept analysis of vast amounts of data. This showcases its potential to contribute meaningfully to decision-making processes within the school.

What Would Be the Advantages of Having an AI Robot As Principal?

Rogerson described the advantages of incorporating AI in administrative decision-making. He expressed the calming influence of having a well-trained entity readily available for assistance. Additionally, he highlighted the reassurance of knowing that, alongside seeking human counsel when necessary, there is an efficient and prompt resource like Abigail Bailey that eliminates the need to bother others or wait for answers. This unique fusion of AI and human decision-making definitely reflects technological innovation. However, it also underscores the practical and reassuring aspects of having AI support in the educational leadership landscape.

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