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Texas Man Faked Kidnapping to Get Away From His Wife

By Orgesta Tolaj


22 November 2023

texas man faked kidnapping

© Dalgo County Sheriff's Office & Cristi Ursea / Unsplash

How annoying can your spouse really be? Well, apparently to this one Texas man, the spouse became quite unbearable. Trying to get away from his wife for a while, and go out for drinks with his friends, this man decided to fake a kidnapping. Yes, you read that right! Instead of just talking about it, the Texas man decided the best way to get off for a while, is to commit a crime. I guess communication is not his strong point.

The Faked Kidnapping Incident Caused by the Texas Man

In an unusual turn of events in Edinburg, Texas, 34-year-old Rogelio Andaverde allegedly planned his own kidnapping. This was a desperate attempt to get away from his wife’s objections to him leaving the house to party with friends. The plan involved two masked men entering their home, brandishing guns, and forcibly removing Andaverde from the premises. His wife, caught in a state of distress, promptly called the police, detailing a harrowing home invasion.

As law enforcement responded to what seemed like a serious crime, the plot began to unravel. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered that Andaverde had contrived the entire scenario to justify his departure for a night out. This reckless escapade not only resulted in criminal charges against Andaverde but also left his wife undoubtedly angered by the deceit and the unnecessary panic caused by the fake kidnapping. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of resorting to extreme measures to avoid domestic disagreements.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe Treviño expressed the seriousness with which law enforcement initially treated the reported kidnapping of Rogelio Andaverde. He emphasized the gravity of the circumstances described by Andaverde’s wife. A significant effort, involving numerous officers and even a police helicopter, was dedicated to locating Andaverde.

© cottonbrostudios / Pexels

However, as the investigation progressed, doubts arose among the police officers due to Andaverde’s lack of criminal history and the implausibility of the reported incident. Sheriff Treviño voiced skepticism. He stated that the situation did not align with Andaverde being an ordinary individual. This led to suspicions about the authenticity of the kidnapping claim.

How Did the Texas Man Get Caught?

Rogelio Andaverde, thinking he had successfully deceived everyone, nonchalantly returned home and claimed that his kidnappers had shown mercy and released him. However, he eventually admitted to investigators that the entire kidnapping ordeal was a hoax. According to police, Andaverde orchestrated the fake abduction as a ploy to be able to go out for a night of revelry with his friends.

Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe Treviño acknowledged that false reports are not uncommon. However, he expressed astonishment at the unusual motivation behind Andaverde’s deception. He noted that he had never encountered someone fabricating a kidnapping just to get out of the house.

Punishment for Faked Kidnapping

Rogelio Andaverde has been charged with making a false report to the police and was released on $5,000 bail. The report does not provide information on the consequences awaiting him at home. However, Hidalgo County Sheriff Guadalupe Treviño expressed the likelihood that Andaverde’s wife, who was kept until the early hours of the morning during police interviews, was displeased with the situation. Sheriff Treviño anticipated that Andaverde would have significant explaining to do about his actions and the events surrounding the faked kidnapping.

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