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NCTzens, You Ready? NCT TEN’s Solo Debut Is Finally Coming!

By Orgesta Tolaj


4 January 2024

NCT TEN solo debut

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K-pop fans really had a chance to live life at ease with the number of releases 2023 has brought. This includes several NCT releases as well. However, this time, taking the stage is none other than NCT’s TEN. As of now, the superstar is working on his first-ever solo as well as a fan concert. NCT Ten’s solo debut is highly anticipated as NTCzens have always looked forward to seeing the members shine solo.

NCT TEN’s Solo Debut

NCT’s TEN is gearing up to launch his inaugural official solo album, as reported by an exclusive media outlet on January 4. Currently in the final stages of preparation, the album is set for release in February. Despite having participated in solo projects for ‘SM Station’ and ‘NCT LAB,’ this marks his first official solo album since NCT’s debut. Fans can anticipate various promotions, including music show performances, accompanying the release.

NCT Ten Also Announced a Fan Concert

NCT’s Ten is set to surprise his fans by hosting his first-ever fan concert on October 1 (1001). NCT’s Ten is set to host his inaugural fan concert, “1001,” in Asia, with shows scheduled in four cities. The tour begins in Seoul on February 17, followed by stops in Bangkok on March 3, Hong Kong on March 9, and Jakarta on April 27, as announced in a teaser poster posted on NCT’s social media on January 4.

NCT TEN solo debut
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Following Taeyong, TEN is poised to become the second NCT member to release an official solo album. SM Entertainment has confirmed that TEN is actively preparing for the album’s release in February, urging fans to anticipate the upcoming debut.

Why You Should Be Excited for NCT Ten’s Solo Debut

Since his debut in 2016, Ten has captivated audiences with his diverse talents and warm, charming personality. Let’s delve into the multitude of skills that Ten has mastered throughout his career:

1. Dancing Legend

WayV star Ten is a natural dance prodigy, widely acknowledged as one of the top dancers in K-Pop. His performances are mesmerizing, with his body moving fluidly like water on stage. A recent dance cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” showcases Ten’s exceptional freestyle moves and impressive flexibility, leaving the audience captivated.

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In a heartfelt performance, Ten and WINWIN deliver an intimate dance cover of “Lovely” by Billie Eilish and Khalid. Highlighting Ten’s versatility, the article notes that he has mastered various dance styles, ranging from hip-hop and freestyle to contemporary, showcasing his proficiency in diverse genres over the years.

2. Vocal Master

SMTOWN artists, including Ten, consistently demonstrate unparalleled vocal prowess. Ten’s solo release, “Paint Me Naked,” in 2021 showcased his exceptional vocal skills, as evidenced in a studio recording clip where he delivers the upbeat track with raw, impressive vocals. Furthermore, in SuperM’s “One (Monster & Infinity),” Ten’s vocal range shines as he hits high notes alongside Baekhyun from EXO, leaving fans in awe of his impeccable performance.

3. Designer Extraordinare

NCT’s Ten, known for his singing talent in “Paint Me Naked,” also proves to be a skilled in-house artist and designer. Beyond his creative prowess on stage, he showcases his artistic abilities on paper, having designed WayV’s official merchandise. In a WayV-log, Ten reveals the catchy logo designs he created for the group members, highlighting his real talent in the realm of design.

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Are you looking forward to NCT TEN’s solo debut?

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