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Latte Makeup: From Yummy Delight to Makeup Look

By Orgesta Tolaj


13 September 2023

Latte makeup

© Jackie Wyers, Hindash / YouTube

TikTok can not seem to get enough of food-related makeup looks. We were first introduced to the viral strawberry and glazed donut makeup look, but creators on the platform had another option up their sleeves.

Introducing “Latte Makeup”, where your morning caffeine meets your daily beauty routine! If you ever wished you could wake up looking as deliciously refreshed as your favorite espresso, you are in for a frothy treat.

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What is Latte Makeup?

Makeup artist Katie Mellinger defines Latte makeup as a style that revolves around various shades of brown and nudes. Its main priority is highlighting its accessibility as a significant factor driving its popularity. She emphasizes its simplicity, stating that there are no harsh lines or complicated techniques involved. Moreover, Latte makeup can be adapted to suit any skin tone. All you need are some adjustments in shade intensity for darker complexions, making it a versatile trend that can be embraced by everyone.

Origins of the Latte Makeup Look

Hailey Bieber’s willingness to swap her signature glazed donut-like skin for a fresh morning beauty trend clearly indicates its enduring appeal. Latte makeup, which offers an effortless take on achieving a summer bronzed look, has surged in popularity, particularly on TikTok, thanks to its contemporary allure.

The Latte makeup trend, born from social media, originated when content creator Rachel Rigler drew inspiration from a 2018 makeup look by Tanielle Jai. The term “Latte makeup” resonated with its essence, capturing its effortless and youthful appeal. This trend has gone viral and is now a sensation.

latte makeup
© suzycarlkemua / Instagram

Makeup artist Carolina Dalí describes the look as having a natural, dewy quality that’s perfect for the summer, adding a fresh twist to the monochromatic makeup trend of recent seasons. To embrace the sultry nature of the look, Dalí recommends using shimmering eyeshadows, bronzer with a radiant finish, and lips adorned with a sheer, glossy brown hue, finished off with a creamy touch at the center for that irresistible latte-inspired glow.

What Makes This Look Different?

The unique aspect of the Latte makeup trend lies in its undertones. These undertones deviate from the typical warm orange and red undertones found in traditional bronze and brown shades. Instead, Latte makeup incorporates bronzers and brown shades with caramel, yellow, and olive undertones. This approach extends to lip color as well.

Makeup artist Mellinger recommends starting with a luminizing primer like Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Primer and applying Kevyn Aucoin Stripped Nude Skin Tint as a base. Layer and contour with bronzers like Tower28’s Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer and Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate. For the eyes, use your favorite nude or brown eyeshadows. And a brown pencil for the lash line, ensuring a smudged finish to avoid harsh lines.


My version of latte makeup ☕️ i loveee these colors 🥰

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Carolina Dalí suggests a more intricate approach to lip color. This is in order to outline the lips and overline slightly at the cupid’s bow and lower lip center. Then, apply a warm brown lip color and add a creamy gloss to the center of the lips.

Overall, the Latte makeup trend offers an effortless and heat-resistant look for summer. It is highly characterized by its unique undertones and easy application, making it perfect for those who want a low-maintenance yet chic makeup style.

Are you willing to try this bronzey, latte-makeup look? Or are you more of a pink Barbie blush type of person?

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