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Lipstick Testing in 1950: Here Is How It Went Down

By Orgesta Tolaj


21 May 2024

lipstick testing 1950

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Did you know that back in the 1950s, being a lipstick tester was considered one of the best jobs in the world? Imagine getting paid to try out different shades and formulas of lipstick all day long! It sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it?

In the 1950s, cosmetic companies were booming, and women were embracing makeup more than ever before. Lipstick was a staple in every woman’s beauty routine, and companies were constantly coming out with new shades and formulas to try. But, this is what it meant to work for a lipstick testing institution in 1950.

What Is Lipstick Testing?

Lipstick testing is basically about checking out different aspects of lip products. This can include:

  • Safety Check. Making sure the lipstick is safe to use by looking at things like ingredients and whether it might cause any allergic reactions.
  • Performance Testing. Seeing how well the lipstick works, like how strong the color is, how long it stays on, and if it smudges easily.

Lipstick Testing 1950
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  • Getting Feedback. Companies often ask people to try out their lipstick and give their thoughts. This helps them improve the product based on what customers like or don’t like.
  • Tweaking Formulas. They might also play around with the ingredients and how they mix them to make the lipstick better in terms of color, texture, and how long it lasts.

Lipstick Testing in 1950

In the past century, lipstick testing had an unconventional approach. It involved a group of volunteer women who would all participate by kissing one randomly chosen bald man. Naturally, it must have been quite an unusual sight. It is almost as if he was transported to another world with all that attention!

bald men were kissed
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Lipstick Brands in 1950

In the 1950s, Revlon emerged as a prominent player in the lipstick industry, introducing iconic shades like Love That Red (1951), Certainly Red (1951), Cherries in The Snow (1952), Fire and Ice (1952), and Love That Pink (1955). Remarkably, these shades are still available today, showcasing Revlon’s enduring influence in the lipstick market.

revlon company

Other brands also played significant roles in shaping lipstick trends during this era. For instance, brands like Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden, and Maybelline were prominent names known for their innovative lipstick formulations and captivating shades.

Lipstick Testing 1950
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Max Factor, a leading cosmetics brand at the time, introduced long-lasting lipstick formulas that appealed to women seeking durable and vibrant lip colors. Elizabeth Arden, renowned for her luxurious beauty products, offered sophisticated lipstick shades favored by Hollywood celebrities and high society.

Would you want to get a job at a lipstick testing company in 1950?

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